The Dragon’s Lexicon

Because sometimes our language goes well beyond that of the average. Looking for a definition that hasn’t been listed here? Please CONTACT US, tell us about it and we’ll add it to the list.

Baguette: A female version of a douchebag… or a jackass. A guy is a douchebag, a girl is a douche-baguette or simply a “baguette” for short.

Beat it / Blaze it: Referring to having sex with a woman. ie: Man that chick from last night came over and I blazed it twice.

Bird: A Beautiful woman that isn’t very smart. This word is tricky because it depends on the usage, bird as an insult is similar to calling a woman a chicken or a chicken head, she makes a lot of noise, is annoying as hell and almost always is in the way. Bird as a term of endearment is akin to a beautiful, rarely seen songbird, everybody stares at her in awe.

Block Rocker: A large, ugly, loud, unpleasant woman with little to no endearing qualities.

Chibi: Small and child-like, normally used to refer to children or super-deformed art styles.

Drop-Squad:1994 movie that is a Political satire about an underground militant group that kidnaps African-Americans who have sold out their race.

Fat in The Arms: Having a ridiculously large set of bicep muscles. “Arnold Schwarzenegger is fat in the arms.”

FireStarter: A person whose thighs rub together hardcore when they walk.

Grit or “Big Box of Grits”: A very large man or in terms of the word grit a way to measure a man’s weight and height. King grit refers to the largest man in a crew and queen grit is the man below him. Gritstribution is the term used when measuring grits to see who rides shotgun and who gets to sit at the head of the table.

Kryptonite: A particular race, look and style of woman that makes a certain man weak and helpless. For example an Asian woman can be generalized as Nerd Kryptonite.

Neut: A man who hangs out on heavily feminist women’s blogs and panders to their community even at the expense of other males.

Pound Puppy: A man that hangs out in a large group of women with no chance of sleeping with any of them.

Stall Pigeon: The type of guy that holds conversations in a public restroom while taking a dump. Also used for people tall enough to look over the partitions in a bathroom.

Strange: Sex with a good looking woman that you have no relationship with (new sex).

Tender Wallet: A man who has the money to spend but refuses to do so because he’s cheap.

Wolf: A confident and aggressive womanizer that takes pride in sleeping with naïve women and then leaving without any commitment. Wolves hunt in packs but they are just as dangerous solo being that women find them extremely sexy and charismatic. Eddie Murphy’s character in Boomerang is a classic Wolf.