Sep 06

#5 - Sarah Newlin

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If overly fake and shady church people scare the living crap out of you then Sarah Newlin is a living nightmare. Sookie Stackhouse remarks “she looks like Vanilla Pudding!” when she first meets Sarah and I had to laugh because it is true on so many levels. Sarah for you non-fans is the wife of the head pastor in a cultish, anti-vampire church known as The Fellowship of The Sun. She is about as vanilla as you get and when it comes to her husband, as with most super positive, flawless people, things aren’t always as they appear. She may be cute and bubbly but she will stake a vampire without hesitation. Her husband’s a douchebag but they complement each other perfectly.

Cutie Anna Camp plays Sarah Newlin in HBO’s True Blood series.

Hate it or love it the vampire craze is in full effect with the success of The Vampire Diaries, Twilight and now HBO’s hot new series True Blood. The reason why this show is so hot is not so much the blood sucking but for the characters involved, some of them being quite a treat on the eyes. True Blood offers up more than Vamps as you will see Shifters, Werewolves, Were-panthers and even some Greek Mythological creatures tossed in. If you haven’t been watching then I would like to see my top five naughty hawtes of HBO’s True Blood.

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