Sep 10

#5 - Summer

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"Hoyt, I want to be yer girlfriend and I REALLY want you to taste my biscuits!"

Tell ya what Summer, Hoyt may be sleeping on those delicious home made biscuits but I would gladly dive face first into them (diet permitting of course). Summer is your standard girl-next-door who is too accessible to be sexy. Do you catch my drift? Not accessible as in she'd sleep with you, just accessible in the way that all country girls who follow that church, marriage, and a million kids path is. Playing the rival to the hawte baby-vamp Jessica is no easy task and only in True Blood do big dumb oxen like Hoyt get chased after by lovely women. Jessica is a really, really good girl, in that "makes you want to vomit" kind of way but she is entertaining and has some of the best lines of Season 3.

Melissa Rauch is a new actress with a memorable face that takes on the role as cutie pie Summer in the 3rd season of True Blood.

Hate it or love it the vampire craze is in full effect with the success of The Vampire Diaries, Twilight and now HBO’s hot series True Blood. The reason why this show is so hot is not so much the blood sucking but for the characters involved, some of them being quite a treat on the eyes. True Blood offers up more than Vamps as you will see Shifters, Werewolves, Were-panthers and even some Greek Mythological creatures tossed in. If you haven’t been watching then I would like to see my top five goodie hawtes of HBO’s True Blood.

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