Dec 08

dragon baby posing

Remember Iron Baby, the adorable chibi Iron Man who was doing all sorts of kick-ass stunts in his mini Mach 7 suit? Well now the creators of the YouTUBE phenomenon have come out with Dragon Baby and he is perfect. First of all his technique is not to be messed with; he’s sporting the Game of Death / Kill Bill bride suit (only to be worn by Kung Fu gods) and he has the tools to get the job done.

It starts out innocently enough when Dragon Baby happens across a plush Dragon in his backyard with the rest of his toys; pushing it over to test it’s strength — like any other kid would do, the baby goes over to play with something much more interesting when the beast hops up, kicks a ball at the baby and proceeds to pick a fight!

The Dragon showcased his skills to strike fear in the baby’s heart but little did he know he picked the wrong kid to rise up on. First Dragon Baby toys with the drake, then when it gets serious he rips his cotton heart out. It’s awesome…

Dragon Baby was created by Patrick Boivin for YouTUBE and it has over 23 Million views… for good reason. If you want to see how the magic was made for the short – check out “Behind Dragon Baby“.

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