Mar 02

I couldn’t find a better way to express two very rigid stereotypes of woman than that of the Man Eater vs The Shy Girl.

There’s a common belief in our society which is that of the Madonna vs The Whore and it plays out in every situation that i’ve seen. It’s no wonder men have become partially schizophrenic; they are constantly told to respect the women that they are related to and treat the rest as sexual beings. I mean, we’re all women – right?! Talk about confusion!

I have come across The Shy Girl many, many times… I know her well. Once upon a time (about 300 years ago) I was a shy girl that was embarassed to express my opinions. Looking back on it, I was the polar opposite of myself now. Back then talking to a boy was hard, let alone carrying on a full conversation with him! There’s nothing wrong with being shy, I know many girls that have remained shy, but the issue comes about when we are led to beileve that a woman cannot have 2 sides to her. She’s either the perfect goodie two shoes girl who squirms at the mention of sex or the bad girl who has a permanent glint in her eye. You know the type – wherever she goes men drool over her, she wears low cut tops, sky high heels and a man is constantly hearing everything she says as sexual. Good girls look away when a man steals a glance at them. They feel shy and always think “I wonder what kinda girl he thinks i am?!” Bad girls have hypnotic eyes that makes men stare at them. When they catch a man’s eye (and his mind), they already know whats running through it and have fun planting thoughts to marinate within it…

That is not to say that just because a girl is “bad” she can’t have a heart of gold, or that the one who is painfully shy cannot be a super-bitch if given the chance. Shy Girls are generally very caring and would never hurt a soul, they know what goes around, comes around but Bad Girls also know this theory but unlike the Shy Girl, they are ready at the front door in a sexy stocking and suspender get up, armed with a bat, ready to beat the shit out of karma. That’s how *they* roll.

There’s No Resisting a Bad Girl

No matter how much a man wants a woman to care for him (and all men do), the magnetic pull of the Bad Girl is just too much. It’s a similar situation for the Bad Boy and women.

The Bad Girl is a walking, talking adrenaline rush. A man KNOWS and FEELS the difference when a banger is on his arm. Women just look on in confusion and men are simply astounded, jealous and green with envy as to how this one particular dude got such a fine looking woman walking next to him. There is always a one-upmanship that has carried on since the dawn of time.

The Succubus

Then there’s a special type of Man Eater, she has the power to make any man’s jaw drop just by walking past and simply minding her own business. Even gay men aren’t safe from this one as they aspire to be as hot as she is. She’s like a Succubus – a demonic entity known for visiting men at night, having sex with them in their sleep (Editor’s note: and taking their souls).

The shy girl just wishes that one day she could be transformed into the succubus. I’ve noticed this as I walk down the street sometimes. Out of nowhere, this irresistible woman is walking along somewhere and I see men silently drooling in a trance and women, especially shy ones wishing that they had her power.

A Succubus has the true power, she holds the key to a man’s lock and it is she that many shy girls aspire to be.

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  • Justanyone

    Yeah this is stupid really it is πŸ˜‘πŸ˜I’m not bad but I’m very shy at first and I always had guys looking at me since 12 and I never dressed sexy rather the opposite so what I’m virgin succubus πŸ˜‰πŸ˜…πŸ˜„πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‡