Sep 14

mila kunis

According to the Mila Kunis rule or the “Mila Kunis Exception” – no man should write off a beautiful woman for missing one element in the 6 Point Axis of physical beauty (face, legs, breasts, ass, voice, and overall sexiness).


Mila Kunis is beautiful, hell she is one of our most talented and hottest actresses today (plus she has proven nerd cred). Most guys, by a very large margin will agree that she’s a dime and if not at least a few points off am I right? Her big beautiful eyes (best eyes in Hollywood actually), overall sexiness, and the way she talks is enough to get you on board – but look at her too hard and you’ll notice that she has no backyard.

Ass men have decided that it is nowhere near a deal-breaker to not consider Mila Kunis as “fine” so we’ve crowned her as the queen of this clause. Of course the definition is extended a bit to cover more than a woman’s lack of an ass but for any “slight” that a hater may use to down the beauty of a universal hawte.

Why Is It A Rule?

mila no bootyThis rule was put into place due to the internet’s obsession with shutting down hawtes for having one slight flaw to their otherwise perfection.  We saw it happen with Megan Fox when people decided to bring up her stubby thumbs whenever she was getting her sexy on.

We’ve seen beautiful celebs get dissed for having messed up feet, “man hands”, “man shoulders”, and all sorts of other nonsense but now we have a term to throw back on the perfection police with The Mila Kunis Exception.

So don’t waste your breath with comebacks like “what the hell do YOU look like buddy”, or “only virgins are THAT picky”; just take the high road with “I say she’s still banging due to the Mila Kunis rule” and watch the confusion that their face will reveal.

That is all gentlemen, and to sum this up nicely… let us take a gander on the woman to who the rule was created for:

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  • Andre Harris

    Speak for yourself…Mila Kunis or not, no booty is a serious dealbreaker.