Mar 23

Wait a second, did The Most Interesting Man in The World just take medals for both 2nd AND 1st place before kissing token hot blonde? I want this man’s life! It’s like… what happened there? Did the 2nd place winner get killed? Did he bow out… did he die after crossing? TOO MANY QUESTIONS! Not to mention that my man is dual wielding swords and his opponents can’t hang, WHAT A BOSS! This just never seems to get old does it? Spectacular filming, an awesome actor as the hero and that guitar in the background… that damn, sweet guitar… then there’s the hawtes hanging on his every word… I need a beer!

While I don’t go out of my way to order a Dos Equis when I’m out drinking, I do have to give insane amounts of love to this ad campaign. I damn near want a movie about TMIMITW, don’t you?

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