Jul 18

peter parker and gwen stacy

If you are a socially awkward guy that has issues talking to women, you should check out The Amazing Spiderman. No worries on the movie sucking as it is actually top notch, so hesitation is unnecessary – I just want you to see Peter Parker’s swagger.

In the original Spiderman starring Tobey Maguire, the character of Peter Parker was an overly nice smart kid whose childhood love interest was a red-haired girl-next-door (Mary Jane Watson) played by Kristen Dunst. Peter allowed his much cooler, richer, better looking best friend to take this average looking girl away from him, while he just waited for her to choose. Many guys do the same thing in life then end up upset when the woman chooses the better package deal.

The new Peter Parker is socially awkward, but unlike the former he is dark in a way that works in his favor. While McGuire’s Parker smiled at people and would not assert himself, Andrew Garfield’s Parker is a loner; more on par with the Greasers from movies like The Outsiders back when standing apart was applauded.

Most importantly Andrew’s Parker does not allow his girl to be taken by a rich, good looking friend. This new Parker approaches the girl he likes and despite his awkward inability to seal the deal (bumbling over his words), he still pushed. Men this is what I have always said – you need to push.

The new Peter Parker does not wait for the lucky dice to fall in his favor for the girl he wants; he stepped up and made her choose. This occurs even after seeing her talking to the token Alpha of the movie. Peter Parker did not sit back and weigh himself and his assets against the guy who had one-up on him… he ignored that guy and stepped to the girl he liked.

gwen loves peter

Forever Alone is a Meme Not A Reality

If you find that you are constantly online seeking pity for feeling sorry for yourself – snap out of it!

If you are bad at talking to girls then do like anything else that needs improvement and work on it. Giving up will never get you the pity sex that happens in the movies – like original Peter Parker. If you want a girl then you need to get proactive not reactive.

Every guy I speak to with issues talking to women because they self-identify as some loser nerd struck me as the type of guy that is only comfortable when complaining. When has a complaining man ever been attractive to the opposite sex?

Nerds and Forever Aloners it is time for you to find your inner Peter Parker and stop being comfortable with the idea that it is life’s choice to keep you sexless. I know way too many ugly, repulsive guys getting way too much action for me to believe your story. Do you know why ugly, repulsive guys are flying through condoms at the speed of light? They haven’t given up, that’s why.

Never Give Up!

Of course you don’t want to hear this. You rather me write about endings like the original Spiderman where the girl you want somehow kisses you and it blows her mind. I’m not here to continue that bullcrap narrative; step up and approach the damn girl. The worse thing she can say is no, and as a nerd you have already been rejected enough times to where you can shrug this off.

Become Peter Parker! Seize your destiny by the reins and ride it out; people who sit back complaining are white noise in the lives of people who push.

So what’s it going to be folks? Are you to remain the smiling nice guy which was Tobey Maguire’s web-slinger or will you let a little darkness in and step to the hawtes like the Andrew Garfield Parker? The choice is yours – but if you want to change your life it may be time to re-imagine your inner Spiderman just like Marvel did and ditch the silly Mary Janes of the world for your own Gwen Stacy.

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