Jan 24

There is something extra special and exotic about office booty for a man. See in the office it barely matters what you look like or how cool you are. It’s pretty much about time spent and attention given. Let’s face it women love attention and if they aren’t receiving it at home, the office is the perfect substitute. We spend most of our time there, with others sometimes sharing things other than what we do at home with our significant others.

Many times an attractive woman will start working at your job and every jack ass within radius will be at her desk vying for her attention every second of the day. This is why it is easiest to get with the beta woman or the one who is not the focus of attention. Usually it starts with light conversation that leads to partnering up for projects, becoming lunch buddies and eventually she will be accompanying you to happy hour and beyond. She becomes your office wife and whether you are single or involved it doesn’t matter these relationships happen all the time!

Rules of The Office Wife

Office wives are similar to having a girlfriend or wife at home except that her domain is strictly in the office. She is the one that you go to lunch with, she is the one that you chitchat with all day and for some individuals she is the one that you are having sex with in the back of your car during your so called lunch break. The office wife isn’t jealous of your real wife or girlfriend. But she will get jealous when it comes to other women in the office because as I’ve stated before. This is her domain.

The Downfall of the Office Wife

Several things contribute to the downfall of an office relationship. First of all, if you aren’t stealthy or good enough to maintain one in secret then people will talk and that talk always gets back to the people who can get hurt the most. Masters of the game can maintain office relationships for years, sleeping with the same woman within the workforce, keeping things strictly professional and completely separating their home lives from their work lives. Long hours spent in the office are finalized by one good romp in the bathroom stall, long periods of partnership within structures like the police force can lead to office relationships that go on for years upon years.

Single People and Office Booty

Through the office a single guy can easily get himself an office wife, although she may be taken (married). Within the office walls she loves the attention that he gives her and he loves the fact that an attractive woman is giving him the time of day. While many times these particular relationships do not go towards the sexual end of things, it is still a mutual respect and admiration that brings these two together in a bond that is beyond friendship and borders on sexual tension.

Office booty brings excitement to an otherwise routine and monotonous life. Many people do it to satisfy a missing component in their lives that is not being fulfilled at home. It is naughty it is mischievous, it is against the rules and it gets you off, so you leave for the weekend with that office booty in mind and your loins satisfied after being inside someone else’s wife.

So look out everybody, this is happening in every office that you can think of all over the world. Office booty is real, office booty is wonderful for those that are lucky enough to get it and for those who can keep their lips sealed and their intents hidden, it can go on for as long as they like.

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  • Rob G

    This trick never works,
    1) It is unsustainable and eventually everything comes to light.
    2) You risk your livelihood and reputation, your judgement becomes questionable.
    3) Even if you own the company you open yourself up to a harassment charges and lawsuits.
    4) If you are banging your boss, your peers will assume that you are getting advantages based on sex and not quality of work
    5) Your boss may be compelled to give you less desirable assignments to be “fair” to others if you share an outside relationship.
    6) Your boss may feel the need to fire you after the relationship ends…and it will end.

  • Ayana

    First hand this is correct… with the exception of jealousy. Sometimes that office wife will really want to be you so badly that she assumes everything that she can and take as much control as she can. My situation is unique, my husband and this woman partner their business and spend 8-10hrs day 6-7 days a week for years. It took a phone call and a lie to take off my blinders. I had no reason not to trust them, even though folks had been talking for years. One day I need cleaning supplies, so I ran out to a local strip mall. When I get there, I see the business’ big cube-back truck and her vehicle park behind it. I assumed they were in business talking with a client. 20 minutes later I left the store and they were still there, so I call his phone. He did not answer, so I called her phone. When she answered I told her I could not get him to answer his phone, that it was probably in the truck. She said she was not at the shop, she did not know where he was. BUSTED… Well why is your vehicle parked behinds his truck if you don’t know where he is. She was silent and then handed him the phone. Laughing he said it was a joke.. Needless to say that was the beginning of a terrible period for us. 2years later and the ugly mess is still only 95% resolved. I can’t prove the physical affair even though I believe it happened, but the emotional affair/tied was obvious. I could write a book but this is great insight for other.