Jul 21

If you are a cultured individual, one of the best things that you can do for your not-so-privileged friends is to show them the beauty that is the art of eating. Many people grow up eating just to satiate their hunger and attain a small pleasure but never get the chance to really eat. I believe that social eating is one of the most intimate and special luxuries that we have as human beings. It is the reason why families in the old days made it a mandatory thing to eat breakfast and dinner together, but being forced to the table is a world of difference from being invited to the table.

I have become a huge fan of the 3-course meal even though I pass on dessert. I start with the house soup, some finger foods and an adult beverage followed by the delicious main course (modest helping thank you), then top it off with a hot cup of coffee. I need engaging conversation during the course of it all, a generous host or attentive waiter and if wine is being poured I want it to compliment my choice in food. For me this is a good time and it isn’t even about “what” I order to eat that night; it’s the senses being fluffed and pleasured to a glorious climax which makes me want to head off to bed happy and satisfied. You could never replicate this feeling with an after-Club run to Village Inn or a quick stop at the fast food joint for lunch.

Food done right and enjoyed in this manner is one of the greatest pleasures. Sometimes the entire session can be better than sex (yes I went there!) If you’ve eaten this way, just imagine your favorite dish prepared to perfection but made to wait until you tried out some delicious tuna tartar, a delicious clam chowder or some fresh Chinese dumplings straight from the boiler? You eat and talk with people you love and enjoy only to top it off with a moist, brain tingling slice of chocolate cake, making its way down your throat alongside the freshly brewed coffee that was served? Can you honestly tell me that you would take any romp in bed over that? Bah to each his own!

Trust me folks, you haven’t eaten until you’ve eaten and it is such a big deal to me and mine that I cannot fathom a full life without the pleasure of food preparation and consumption. It is the reason you see wealthy people indulging in upscale restaurants as much as they do, it isn’t because they’re “lazy” or beyond a mundane sandwich… no, they just know like I do that nothing beats the pleasure of good food in good company.

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