Jul 08

Most of us are reactionary; few of us are proactive, analytic individuals. Actually being proactive means being regarded as weird, a workaholic, a nerd, a woman that takes life too seriously, etc. etc. Proactive people plot a path for their life; reactive people take things as they come.

For all the excitement that comes with this dynamic, reactionary life, when it comes to business it does not bide well for anyone involved with the reactionary person. Reactionary, every day people do not make good managers, bosses or owners. Reactionary people hound their proactive bosses for a 3% raise every year after reacting to the reality that a year has passed. Reactionary people get upset when they read someone else’s salary that trumps theirs instead of making moves to get to that level. Reactionary people… react, they don’t act.

The media strives off of reactionary people, the instant News hooks and provokes “reaction” and 85% of the populace echoes one another in their “reaction” but like everything in the life of a reactionary person, it is forgotten a week later making room for more instant News for them to react to. You can manipulate someone who has no firm hold on his/her emotions; you can manipulate them very easily. As a writer I can pull at your nerves so easily that it bewilders me to no end how people miss out on the fact that they have a choice in their acceptance of my words.

It is dangerous to live life as a reactionary person. You may find it easy and safe being just like everyone else – drifting through your life in a semi-conscious stupor but zombies can and will be manipulated, controlled and killed. Our large human brains are capable of so much yet people refuse to read between the lines, question accusations and make waves for fear of breaking normalcy and the chance that it may be more difficult. Yet you are not safe being reactionary, you are stressed out, depressed, angry at people who seem to have it figured out and you doom yourself to feel helpless. It is nobody’s choice but your own whether to take life by the reins or stay on the yoke with the rest of the herd.

Being reactionary is easy-mode.

If you are reactive and move into a proactive way of life you may find that the fun you sacrifice will lead to less stress, more money and a better disposition. Proactive people make huge leaps within a company if not on their own and end up being catches for beautiful reactionary mates later on in life. But it isn’t easy or everyone would live life this way, its hard mode for the game of life with the difficulty setting tuned to red. But becoming a driver of the herd versus one of those being driven takes a change in thinking and a willingness to be “weird”. Ultimately it’s up to you, when you grow tired of the media making your mind up for you, politicians pandering to your heart versus your mind and bosses skipping you over for promotions you will get proactive or you will get bitter, typical and ultimately ignored.

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