Sep 06

woman bites salami

Part Two: The Art of Female Manipulation

Women in general like big penises; let us get this out of the way before we go further into breaking down the power of penis size and the reason why so many men are getting enhanced surgically. In my short life I’ve only seen really vile women come out strongly about the size of their man’s package. Women know how much importance men place on their penis size so they either keep the opinion to themselves or use it to manipulate men in different ways. Consider the following:

First time having sex – a girl will compliment your size the day after (in a very cute and coy way) not only to let you know that she is down to do it again but also to keep you around because she legitimately likes you. Break up with a woman in a vicious way and your size will suddenly be too small to satisfy her and not only that… she will want the world to know. 

Sleep with a stripper, prostitute, or nightclub chicken and she will either tell you that you’re big or giggle at you for not being big enough. Loose women don’t come with a filter.

Any of the above scenarios is enough to make a man walk with his head up high and his ego on blast, or his eyes to the ground and his mind racing around wondering if there is a way he can make himself more adequate.

This is a lot of power gentlemen but you have to ask yourself this: If you magically get a gigantic penis then what? The ex who dissed you for your size will not change her tune… Any new girl you meet will not really count because the motivation to get bigger was to mend the wound that the former woman created right? Remember a woman who likes you won’t go at you about it because women know how important it is for men to hear that their equipment is enough.

Porn stars apply inside

As a grown man the only bonus in life to having a massive tool is in whoring one’s self out. If you like a woman to crawl away from your “Kraken” out of fear that it may rip her apart then there is that bonus too. If you want to be the next John Holmes then there’s a career for that too. But if you think that having a big dick will make you instantly turn into a sexual dynamo, or a lady magnet, then you should quit while you’re ahead.

Do you realize that your wanting to be bigger stems from:

  1. Wanting to one-up your fellow man in the off chance he sees you naked?
  2. To not be the subject of conversation for a couple women giggling with their pinkies up?
  3. Assumption that a bigger penis will allow you to satisfy many different women sexually (who you have yet to meet)?

Do you also realize that our penises have evolved throughout the ages to not only withstand blunt force trauma, but to also heal with an X-Factor that would make the X-Men’s Wolverine jealous? What I mean is that cutting your deal to inject stuff into it for size may actually be a very temporary solution!

The problem for those who would make penises larger, however, is that, much more than breasts, for example, they have evolved to withstand great stress and changes in size. They resist almost all attempts to make them permanently bigger. – [The manhood makeover]

So when we think on the real culprit behind our want for bigger penises I have to again say that it isn’t 100% about women. It’s about wrong assumptions, pornography, the male ego and not much else.

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