Jan 30

desert eagle handgun

If you are an American citizen who isn’t into guns or firearms you may have seen the crazies on television shows like Piers Morgan and Anderson Cooper and wondered at the people who vehemently defend their 2nd Amendment rights.

It doesn’t take a scared person, a paranoid person, or an illogical person to sum it all up to gun owners being a bunch of radicals wanting guns to shoot down the scary government agents that want to take their guns away. This is a false face of gun ownership that our media is presenting to the nation with only showing the crazy gun owners

The men and women I personally know are not represented by the nuts on television, or on our Facebook timelines. The people I know are not paranoid, not overly medicated, and not any of the number of things that I see people push to defend their right to bear arms. 

The gun owners I know are either trained ex-military personnel, gun a aficionados who know how to shoot, and people like myself who just love the make and model of a well-crafted weapon (I would hate if they threatened to take my swords). 

While I agree that more restriction is needed to slow the influx of dirty guns into the homes of children and mentally ill people, I cannot sit here and pretend that the criminal element will not benefit from a mass disarming of people with guns.

If we could take guns away from the paranoid idiots who drive around with a bullet illegally in the chamber, itching to pop one at anyone they disagree with then the problem would definitely go away. But this is the real world, and in the real world restriction on anything only serves to do one thing – make criminals rich. Don’t believe me? Take a look at sex, drugs and white slavery.

Everybody Isn’t A Cowboy

Gun owners as a whole come from different backgrounds; they aren’t all angry rednecks who are conspiracy theorists. Some families actually have guns accessible in the house but their children are trained well enough to respect what a weapon can do and know that touching any of them would bring about the very blitzkrieg from hell out of their parents.

I just want us all to take a step back from the knee-jerk, the reactionary, and the illogical screaming and find ways to slow the tide of copycat killers, and senseless crimes without punishing the people who legitimately pack. Am I asking too much in this?

One thing we need to really think on is how much of an impact would removing guns have on the criminal and vindictive corner of our world… that’s right none, it would have no impact whatsoever save for making us more split up as a nation.

How many of you are gun owners reading, and if you aren’t do you know anyone that is? Do they look and act like the people on television screaming about democide and the government raiding homes? I’m going to go ahead and say not many of you know that guy.

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