Oct 12

The topic of the day is about bullying and the internet. This topic has gained ground due to a number of suicides that occurred after some kids did things to others to embarrass them on the web and it resulted in that kid taking his life rather than dealing with the hell. Everyone seems to have a comment on bullies, but most utter the same cliché crap that they believe is true since they’ve heard it so many times: Never back down from a bully, fight back and they will learn to leave you alone. While this is true in the sense of light bullying ie: One kid who tries you day to day, or a couple kids who give you wet willies and wedgies. It isn’t true for cyber space, a tribe of your peers and the anonymous trolls of the internet.

Bullies deserve to die a deadly bloody death

Well not really, but any child that has been severely bullied has this sentiment, and they mean it from the bottom of their hearts even into adulthood. For those of us who haven’t been severely bullied, our only connection to their hell is what we have seen on television and movies. We think of the kids stuffing the tiny one in a locker, knocking over his lunch and hiding his books. Severe bullying is that plus constant ridicule, getting others in on the joke, and making it a daily thing for not one year (most kids go to the same school for multiple years) but for many. The bully becomes your nemesis, his friends a bunch of stupid hyenas and you wish upon them death, because death is final and only finality would remove them from your life.

Why do you think every adult that went through this can remember their bully’s names first and last. Celebrities laugh at their old bullies apologizing to them through emails, Eminem did a song about his bully, good kids have ransformed into mischievous hoodlums because of their bullies. Oh no, it’s no happy, easy cliché to overcome a bully, it takes seeing red and snapping. In the movie Let The Right One In and it’s American version Let Me In, the little boy Oskar/Owen is bullied in the way that I describe here. Little Jaden Smith had the same thing going on in the new Karate Kid and he did what everyone says to do – he fought his bully. Bullies bounce back, they can be relentless and they come with followers, as Dre from Karate Kid found out, fighting may not earn you respect from the bully,but  it always earns you attention.

The Bully is being bullied

Most of the time a bully is lashing out at a weakling because they themselves have been bullied, abused or is going through it. I find it funny that this same mentality goes into the hazing rituals of fraternities and gangs – the “they did it to me so I am going to do it to you” mentality. Most bullies have issues, a few just feel they have privilege, the victims – want them to get out of their lives.

Sometimes a victim wants to change schools hoping that the prison of the school day would be different if the environment were to change. They would meet new friends, no-one would know them and they would be rid of the bully that had been punking them since 2nd grade. They can’t ask mom to transfer because they’ve tried that several times already. They skip school for peace, they feign sickness, and they hide from their opressors, it is a daily hell that no-one understands. The parents say to hit back, the teachers say to rat them out but you know that either will result in the situation worsening. Better and easier to just snuff it, say goodbye to the cruel world and just call it quits. Ya the cliches aren’t helping people, they really aren’t.

Increase the severity of punishment for bullies

Lets face it, for a kid who gets bullied, the school system is Alcatraz and every bully is a rival gangster waiting to run his shank into their eyeball. Right now the punishment for bullying is a mere annoyance that serves to infuriate the offender moreso than sobering his efforts, whatever is being done is not enough. In prison when you murder you can get 25 years to life in a cell, in the school system there needs to be something on the level of expulsion and the parents being held accountable for these little monsters.

Now that suicide is a factor in these hard times, the empathy for bullies must come to an end. If you’ve never been severely bullied then please reserve judgment on those who have, it is never easy and it is a thing that stays with you the remainder of your lif

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  • gmwilliams

    I have a quick and easy solution for bullies. First of all, they should be expelled from school and have the act of bullying and violence placed in their school record. This will give them a black mark. Then they should be denied access to further education. They do not deserve to be educated but to be put to work. Yes, work. Work programs should be instituted for children who are bullies. There are parks, toilets, and debris to be cleaned and cleared. Then they should be separated from their families and placed in a reformatory and for the older bullies, prison.

    I believe that bullies are evil and are beyond help and counselling. The should be permanently punished by being placed in reformatories and prisons for their natural lives. They also should be permanently regulated to low-paying, back-breaking, disgusting menial jobs. Now that will deter bullying in schools forever.

    • Yeah that’ll teach em. I also say we banish bullies. In fact, I think we should use a mirror like they did in Superman so they bullies have to fly through the abyss of space for all eternity.

    • Hey GM, I can’t figure out if you are being serious or sarcastic in your post but regardless it is a sentiment I have heard many times before from former victims of violent bullying. While the things you suggest may seem harsh to people who have not worn the shoes of a victim, I do understand your sentiments and I agree to an extent. Kids can be helped but adults can’t (my opinion), normally behind the bully is a poor parent who has either done something to that child or enables it through other means. If a child is punished for bullying his parents should be held accountable all the same.

  • dyce-j

    i think the schools are at a loss for a solution because its one of those things where there just is no easy solution. everyone is so afraid of offending parents, they dont deal with the children properly. a child who bullies is trying to fill an inadequacy that there parents most likely left them with. the big question is do you go as far as permanently expel a child for being brought up to bully or do you somehow punish the parent. both should be held accountable but denying a child their education is only pushing them to a path of further self destruction. as a smaller kid growing up, i have dealt with many bullies and still continue to deal with them as an adult. i have dealt with all of them the same way, confidence. as an adult i am actually confident, but as a kid it was mostly false using curse words and standing my ground to make myself appear confident despite really being afraid. i now just use my words and sarcasm to make them look like a child. kids dont realize how easy it is to walk away. you walk away enough times and its no fun for the bully anymore. i think parents of bullies should be investigated to some degree. most of these bullies go through life using the same tactics to find false self worth. i dont believe a bully will stop until they find something else to fill that void. it is a hard thing to break because they bully to feel better about themself when reality is it doesnt make them feel better. this makes it challenging for them to look inward at themselves and what they are doing to others. it seems as they get older, they form groups, gangs, posses, frats, and other collections of a-holes and go for large scale douchebaggery.

    the whole cyber bullying thing becomes an issue because to a lot of kids, their online status is what they are worth. you are cool based on how many friends you have on whatever social medium is popular at the time. the irony of cyber bullying is that they are not physically harmed or challenged in any way. the cyber victims most of the time need only to turn off the computer or not log in to whatever site they are being bullied on. the benefits of cyber bullying for the punk doing the bullying is that they have the option to remain anonymous. these bullies can now join chat rooms and phish for someone to bully. the dangers of this are that anyone can now be a bully. you no longer have to be big and tough. kids who get picked on at school can log in and bully someone else now!

  • There’s a simple solution: SUE THE BASTARDS.
    I went to law school because I was too often a victim of bullies, both at home and school, and was always victimized a second time by government and schools refusing to do anything about it– and a third time by persecuting me for simply running away from school to escape the abuse..

    So I learned my legal rights, and want to share them with other people. The website is http://bullyjustice.webs.com .

    That should help at least teach people their basic rights, and how to access them– as well as the proper philosophy and mindset behind it– and how bullies operate to evade the law, and how to beat them at their game.

  • liquidate

    take them to a quiet, dark alley and rearrange their face, permenatly.