Feb 11

Judging people based on their job title is a pretty worthless bit of discrimination. I have grown to really despise the act of doing so to where sometimes I begin judging the person negatively who questioned the janitor’s intelligence just because he’s a janitor. I became annoyed with this line of thinking after knowing the “Janitors” who are financially set, have stock options and manage their money properly across from the big bad Director of the company who is living check to check and on an AMSCOT rotation monthly.

A job is a job. You can slap a fancy word like “career” on there and assume that your weekly Happy Hour visits with Gayle from Marketing makes you “successful” but at the end of the day you and the Admin that you were poking fun of is dancing for a boss in order to afford a living and more. It’s all the same thing, different responsibilities for the same reasons, goals and needs. You are not better than them so please get off of your high horse and look past the trees to see the forest. If you’re broke with a high salary, you are still broke – please exit left to the Financial Education aisle and stop dissing people for having a blue collar. It is not a good look for you.

Ironically the people I know that are well-off are not products of higher education and high-powered careers. The ones I know bust their ass in whatever venture they mastered ie: construction, mechanic, graphics (sans the 2-year degree) and other things. They worked on your roof as you laughed it up with your high-debt buddies from within your soon-to-be foreclosed McMansion and they stayed the course until magic happened and they are now seeing passive money. You however, so proud of sticking it out through a few degrees are still looking to some boss to reward you for showing up weekly with a menial raise. Just for you to go back and increase your spending, thinking that you will forever be in that high income position. Yet you are somehow better than everyone else…

This is how I feel, and as a white-collared grinder in the game, I hear the elitist opinions and I see broke people with high positions patting themselves on the back all the time. How does this make any sense whatsoever? How does a person like me, who obviously looks more into the haves versus the title, feel pity for one of these elitists when they get fired and suddenly are forced into desperation as they struggle to get rehired? Simple, I don’t feel sorry for them.

You are not your job, neither is the guy cutting your grass, putting in your ceiling fan or giving you an oil change. It’s all about honesty, and while you may be comfortable riding home in a luxury car that you barely pay for in your cheap shirt and tie and false bravado, it doesn’t mean that you “made it”  just because you look the part. Just remember that at the end of the day, you are simply a man or woman that works to afford the things in life that you want and/or need. Having a white collar does not mean you made it, so stop fooling yourself and stop being such a judgmental asshole of people in “lower” positions. Hell yes this was written in a mean spirit because quite frankly you embarrass me.

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  • Very good piece! White collar workers are often more miserable on the inside of themselves than blue collar workers. Elitism has its root in insecurity. People should never measure others by their “titles”–it should always be about the quality and content of their character.

  • Johnny D.

    Thanks for writing this artilce. I needed something to cheer me up. I work as a janitor and it sucks to work around the “white collar” folks. I avoid saying anything worth listening to because te response is “if you’re so smart, why are you a janitor”? It makes me sick, I wish I could find other work . I get tired of people talking to me like I don’t understand what they’re talking about.

    They “dumb down” what they’re saying because they think I will not follow along. It really makes me sick. People automatically write you off and you’re only good for cleaning up their messes and dirty toilets.