Mar 04

At times when I am in really good shape throughout the year, I get cornered by guys asking me what they can do to get where I am. This question is one that is very familiar to people of the fitness lifestyle, especially the beginning of Summer or after New Year’s Eve. To get to a level of loving fitness one has to undergo a proving, it is a path that I call The Road of Kings. The reason I call it The Road of Kings, is because it’s a path that few travel, fewer stay on it and the ones who make it are rewarded with a physique that others will envy. Just like a fighter who has won many battles and utilized his victories to woo the people into making him king. Everyone can envy a story like that, just like everyone can envy that mother of 4 who found the gym to be an escape and a welcome lifestyle to love and make her own. Now all she hears is “oh my god I can’t believe that you have four kids!” This is The Road of Kings.

That question that was asked of me is a difficult one to answer because most of the time staying motivated for the gym isn’t something that happens because you looked in the mirror and decided that it was time to make a change. A change has to happen mentally in order for you to stick to it, move forward and succeed physically. So if you would like to start on your own Road of Kings, the advice that I can give you is that maintaining a fitness lifestyle is very reliant on you becoming an addict. You cannot dabble in working out and get anywhere with it, you have to become fully invested. A fully invested workout person will find ways to work out, they don’t make excuses about being too busy, too stressed, or too tired. For a fully invested person on The Road of Kings, working out is right up there with eating, sleeping and going to the bathroom, it is THAT important to them. To get to that fitness goal that you are pursuing, you must become addicted to working out.

To become addicted to working out you must at first force it, that’s right, force it. You might say “damn I hate running” but you should still get out there and at least walk briskly. Say to yourself “I am at least going to walk a mile”, then do it. When you’re done you go home and rest, eat, heal and then go back out there in a day or so and try to do a little bit better. Constant repetition of this routine will eventually lead to your body actually wanting to run. It gets to the point where motivation to go out there isn’t even a need, you just get an urge and you want to take care of it – by training. My point with this is at first you do need to force it, it isn’t something that can be forced on you by someone else, you have to be the one making the decision. Sure, you will hate it all but with repetition you will begin to actually love it. You will develop Stockholm Syndrome for exercise, you will crave the burn, the hurt and the best part – THE ENERGY! When you get to this point, you are becoming addicted to working out.

Let me tell you about workout addiction; workout addiction is: you getting injured, or having to take a break in your routine and your mind continuously driving you crazy because you feel that you are either shrinking or losing the edge that you had when you were staying active. It keeps you on the path and you will do well in staying the size that you have worked so hard to accomplish. So stress addiction to working out, you have to get to that point before you start seeing real results. It isn’t so bad after-all, think about it – if you’re going to be addicted to anything, why not be addicted to being healthy and staying in shape?

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  • Very true! I’m addicted to the gym and working out.

  • Onyx K

    Everytime I go jogging and stop male traffic, I sing to myself..”I’m sexy n I know it…lol