Sep 27


Have you ever been out with a girl and she runs into her ex or another male friend, doesn’t introduce you, and the conversation turns into a lengthy one? Of course you have, we all have, but what did you do? Did you fidget, did you force an introduction, or did you make a scene?

When this situation occurs, you can’t help but feel like a fool and you will either walk off to find something else to do, or stand there looking lonely and awkward. There is a way out of this awkward situation if you’re willing to listen, but it lies in the aspect of “becoming that guy” at the opportune moment.

Normally a good girl will introduce you to the guy so that you aren’t left stranded, but some won’t remember and you will be left to fade into the background like a theater prop. If this is the case then you may need to introduce yourself to the guy in question. Shake his hand, give him eye contact, and give the old boy your most genuine gangland smile. If you are unaware of the type of smile that I am referring to, study the face of one Jack Nicholson. It’s all confidence isn’t it? Well, that’s what you want to be, confident that you aren’t in the background, you’re a human being, and you’re with her.

If the guy turns out to be a real knob, it may be time to pull the whole “hey come get me when you’re ready” line and make a b-line to some other form of entertainment. If the girl did introduce you and you care about her, stick it out for a bit and just be cool, make it obvious that you aren’t leaving and eventually she’ll get the hint.

“…if I love her I should let her go…”

If it’s a situation when they are on some other topic that has little to do with you, then the old “hey come get me when you’re ready”, works like a charm.

Worried that he’ll steal her? Don’t. Remember that old confidence thing that I mentioned earlier? Well, confident guys don’t handcuff, you’ll do well to remember it. Sometimes these moments are a godsend in testing your potential mate. Will she flirt? Will she introduce you? How will she introduce you? Will she be respectful of your time and take a rain check on the office gossip? You can make the best of it.

The absolute worst thing that you can do–and I have seen many men do it–is to play attack dog, or territorial terrier to the other guy. I get annoyed when people don’t introduce me (it’s rude) and I have good friends who are guilty of it with their wives or girlfriends. But if you’re in that situation take control, just force the introduction, and if you aren’t really feeling the company then “hey come get me when you’re ready,” works extremely well to find something else to do.

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