Aug 13

womens 100m winners

Good morning gentlemen of The Hall. If you were like me and glued to your television, PC and radio throughout the Olympics of London 2012, you will have found yourself drooling over the lovely ladies who are not only at the top of their sport in the greatest competition in the world, but manage to keep themselves looking lovely while doing it.

We’ve covered enough of the drama dealing with sad women that tear down 16 year olds, and well marketed athletes who get tarred and feathered by their American fans. So let us end the “Games” with a bang shall we? A hot bang that we can admire in all of their Gold, Silver, and Bronze glory.  If I miss anyone feel free to add your opinion. This was a very exciting year for US Lady Olympians as you can see…

Strength, Beauty and Olympic Hardware

Speak on it!

My only gripe from this year’s Olympics was the unnecessary drama fueled by the media.

On one hand the exposure of stupid women and their opinion wore down the young gymnasts to the point of sadness and then our own NBC with the terrible interviews and fabricated drama (Lochte vs Phelps). One thing that myself and friends were wondering was how long this station (NBC) holds the contract for Olympic coverage because believe it or not we would like to believe that most of America would rather watch the events than have them find ways to make it into a Reality TV show. Just check the shameful interview of the silver and bronze medal winners of the women’s 100m hurdles.

Can we go back to just having our sports? Can boxing be revived after it’s dark side of fixing and cheating was exposed in Manny Pacquiao’s last fight and then again at the Olympics? I loved seeing the larger than life stories of the Olympics and my girlfriend stayed in tears due to them but NBC did this year’s games a disservice and I would hope that enough media speak out on them with as much gusto as they have taken to tear down Lori “LoLo” Jones.

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