Nov 09

Many of us have had ideas that we wanted to turn into reality. Most of us sit on it, tell everyone we know about it, and let it drift off into the clouds of “what-ifs”. We are satisfied that everyone either said it was a good idea, or give up after learning that it has already been invented.

Then there are those strange folks who think of things, build them, and then fly overseas with little else but a dream in order to get a factory to manufacture it… Most of us don’t know too many people like this but guess what? I got to sit down with one of these crazy people in order to pick their brains on what it takes to bring an idea into reality.

Jubei Knight, Master Hoon, and Me

Jubei Knight, Master Hoon, and Me

It was a late night when I visited Master Hoon Park’s dojo “J Park Martial Arts” on Dale Mabry Hwy in Tampa, Florida. The property was dark but there were lights on inside, and I walked in to meet a rather young-looking man who met me with a warm smile and a firm handshake.

Behind him was a number of heavy bags, worn with the signs of use—a true dojo, folks—and next to it pacing around on his cellular phone was my old gym buddy, Jubei Knight.

Jubei was the reason for me visiting Master Hoon’s dojo, even though a wash of nostalgia came over me upon seeing the mats, the bags, and the mirrors. I shook Jubei’s hand—we’ve known each other for years—but my eyes were locked in on something new to the dojo setting.

The Strike Mask is a target that doesn’t seem like much until you see its inventor, Jubei Knight, demonstrate how it can make you a better fighter.

It is a sturdy orb cut in half with straps that allow it to be added to your heavy bag or out in the wild if you can find a good tree. After changing my gear—gotta respect the dojo—Jubei and his teacher, Master Hoon Park, showed me what a bonus it is to own a Strike Mask.

Being a fighter himself, Jubei thought up the mask during one of his training rounds as he punished a heavy bag righteously. Jubei—whose history with Hoon is a long and eventful one worthy of its own Hollywood script—took his idea home, created a prototype and knew he struck gold when he tried it out.

But what would you expect from a man whose life has been an uphill climb from the bottom to the top?

Jubei, who used to walk long miles home from the gym where I met him (a million years ago) is a strange mixture of confidence and humility. Camera-shy, and loathe to talk about himself, it is very easy to underestimate him as he blends into the crowd. But when you hear his story the water deepens and you see that he is all confidence. Not cocky or privileged from a life on easy, but confidence earned and tested through years of failure and a stalwart wife who would not let him quit.

Jubei trained at Hoon’s gym, back when they were both extremely young men and he was flat broke. According to Hoon—an impressive entrepreneur who deserves his own article—Jubei came in as one of the worst students to him in the martial arts.

Jubei was raw, clumsy and untrained, but he was persistent (remember this word) and that persistence led to him becoming a formidable fighter. On the non-combat end, Jubei was an entrepreneur and that is how I’ve known him besides being a regular in our gym.

Through Master Hoon he entered into the world of Mixed Martial Arts and became a skilled competitor taking on all challengers, even people off the streets. Through his love of MMA and his knack for making his ideas into reality, Jubei came up with a great invention that saw him rubbing elbows with venture capitalists that were popular on television.

Things happened—let’s leave it at that—and the opportunity fell through. To hear Jubei tell it you would know that it crushed his spirit, but he persevered and kept on working, despite flying so high only to fall with nothing to show for it. Now he has a product that many fighters are catching on to. Any one of us may have quit to tell our grandchildren about the invention that would have been, but Jubei is an inventor, it is what he does, so he created the Strike Mask and it is amazing.

Greg Dragon attacking a bag

My Impression of the Strike Mask

When I first saw the Strike Mask I didn’t understand it, and that was because I hadn’t seen videos like the one alongside this article. I thought “well that’s odd. How can something sticking out from a heavy bag make any sense when I’m doing my rounds?” Then I queried Jubei Knight and his wife invited me to come give it a try.

Let’s just say that I was sold at first strike. I may be old and kinda fat in these latter years of my life, but as a younger man I was tearing up the bags inside my Cuong Nhu and Tae Kwon Do dojos. I remember the obstacle of using the heavy bag, like ax kicks having no follow-through along with roundhouses, spinning hook kicks and crescents.

With Strike Mask my big leg flowed through freely, allowing me to keep my form, and when I nailed the spinning backfist… Lord have mercy, yeah I thought to myself “I need one of these.”

Jubei, and his team have been getting many pros and fight enthusiasts to try the Strike Mask out, it’s been a success, and the stubborn inventor’s star is starting to rise and I would say that it’s about time.


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