Nov 29

Women can do some of the most subtle gestures and make us want to ravage them like nobody’s business.  I am not sure if the opposite holds true – like do I turn you on when I adjust my package? Just kidding, don’t answer that. But in all seriousness, there is that little tinge of “trying too hard” that makes a man look at someone else and that little tinge of “damn she’s so sexy the way she stands” that keeps us staring while trying our best not to look like some loser stalker.

Knowing this fact of attraction I have decided to list some of those tiny gestures that can blow our mind. Now mind yourself that these are all subjective to both the performer and the audience, so women trying to pull a man – practice with caution. It is on an individual basis so if it looks like you’re doing something on purpose, chances are the man will not react the way you think he will.

Subtle Gestures That Men Love

Pout – There’s the Avril Lavigne delicious pout and then there’s the Paz De La Huerta style of pout. Whatever your flavor if you have the lips for it and you can pull it off then work those things!

Bite her lip – Has to be purely unconscious but the hint at you doing that in sex tends to send the mind into a frenzy and if we’re watching from a distance and you bite your lip… man it’s a wonderful thing (just check out Gina in the animated gif!).

Enthusiasm – This normally works well when you’re our girlfriend or wife. Not just enthusiasm towards mundane things but when you legitimately want to kick our ass at pool or try us at some wrestling on the couch it brightens our day. Sadly this is because many of us expect women to be sticks in the mud about things that aren’t their favorite. So an enthusiastic, brave and semi-crazy woman is always sexy.

That sexy stare when we help you out – Hard to explain but in the gym when you rack the big weights that some douche left on the bench for a girl, or when you open that jar for your lady usually comes with a stare of wonderment from the woman. This stare tends to be almost primal as it’s the traditional men doing manly things for the fair damsel and the look is “whew look at you being a man”. May be sexist to some of you with an ax to grind but its gospel truth, we love when we can do things for you.

Hair tossing – Voted on mostly by my brothers of the lighter persuasion, personally this never did anything for me but women do it all the time and many men seem to notice. While some women tend to do it too much, like literally every 10 seconds (cue horse noise), women with the silky locks tend to pull certain guys quickly with the gesture. So go on with your bad self, but like I said this one may not work with us black males.

Honorable mentions – which are either too easy or valid to both sexes

  • Smiling
  • Speaking intelligently about (insert subject that male is into) – I find this one absurd personally but many guys find it appealing.
  • Shift hair to reveal the neck… we men love a woman’s bare neck (vampire style).
  • Laugh and skip slightly – Only cute natural beauties can pull this off.
  • Giggle – I say whatever to this but it works for some ladies.

Are there any that I left out fellas? Just imagine that you’re waiting on your flight during a carry-over and you see a badass Jessica Rabbit lovely across the way. What are some of the things she does unconsciously that makes you want to get up and make an introduction?

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  • Bronzlover

    Whisper in my ear. It can be anything from an earth shattering secret to her mobile number– I think it’s her proximity within my space, the heat of her breath, the aroma of the perfume she’s wearing, all working together to send a spine tingling current from brain stem to groin!

    It’s worse when it’s a MILF co-worker and its meant to be innocent–that is, no flirtation intended. Or, was there?

    • Scarlett o hara

      I luuuuurve when men do this^^^^ to me also. UPS 🙂

  • birdie

    i like that bronzlover