May 22

old man with pretty girl

Many women seek money in their mates while enjoying the luxuries of a modern society of gender equality. Men on the other hand have not fully evolved into this and still find it necessary to provide for their wives as well as themselves.

Women in the dating world use buzzwords and codes when describing a man of money. Code that can be deciphered through words like: “I want a man that is ambitious” or “I want a man with a degree and goals”. All of this translates into their want for a man of high salary.

Appearances may die over time but a man’s desire for appearances doesn’t  Wealth and riches comes and goes but a woman’s desire for shiny things lasts a lifetime. With that said, why is it that society calls men superficial for seeking beauty yet calls women “smart” for seeking a wealthy option in a man?

Making it work in a relationship

Who is to say that desiring either trait in a mate is a bad thing? People want what they want, but why the shaming and guilt trip over it? 

On the flip side for men a woman’s money is not much of a concern being that men aim to be self-sufficient. If a man gets with a woman who has a nice job and money then that’s a bonus instead of a goal. Men want their women to be cute.

When a man is unable to get what he wants in life he looks inward at what he needs to do in order to attain it. Not making enough money is something he looks to himself to fix not his spouse. Women on the other hand have a reputation of emasculating and blaming the men in their lives when their goals in life can’t be met due to finances.

With the new wave of feminism, it is high time that women change this attitude and look to themselves for high salary wants and desires. All the complaints over bills, student loans, car payments, restaurant receipts etc. should not be a man’s fault but through a team effort where both sexes can work together at staying wealthy AND good looking. Imagine the possibilities.

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  • Graham Jackson

    Nice observation on dating. Though money is often the reason why couples split. That and sex. A lack of both is disastrous. Lack of my money and lack of sex from her!! Do the two go hand in hand? I think so.