Jun 21

Talking to a beautiful woman is by nature an intimidating task for most men. It is a strange phenomena being that without much extras, a woman is a woman and beauty is subjective when you think about it. Still, you have women who are cute, women who are beautiful and then women who make you consider your self worth just by seeing them.

The hardest woman for a man to approach is, you guessed it the drop-dead gorgeous ones. To get past this stigma a man must apply a few tricks to his mind in order to strike up the courage to get past what I call the armor of Venus.

See the beauty is like an invisible armor that the woman is unaware of, sure many look and smile from afar, admiring her perfection but few if any will even engage her with casual conversation. A man who wants to get to know this lady has to drop the armor in order to get in and introduce himself. Let’s observe some of the horrible standards and rituals the less wolfish of us men will apply when attempting to approach a knockout:

Liquid courage – Tipsy to drunk equates to a lack of care and openness for most men, so knocking back a few is enough to fool us that rejection will hurt less when alcohol’s involved.

Flaunt money – I am not a big fan of this because it fails when it comes to a fly girl of substance but most rich schmucks are under the illusion that money trumps charm when it comes to wooing a hawte. These guys buy rounds, flash the Benz keys and talk loudly about how much money they’re worth before approaching the girl.

Dare/Bet each other – Typically there will be a couple guys eyeing up the bright ray of beauty in the room. One very typical guy thing to do is to dare each other to step to her. This is normally followed by cat calls at him, saying he’s a pimp and a whole bunch of other nonsense before he approaches and drops a corny line and returns embarrassed.

The problem stems from our lack of training from youth till now when it comes to approaching women. The wolves were pulled to the side by their fathers, uncles and friends, schooled in the ways of game and entered into grade school prepped and ready to scam on girls. They got their bumps and bruises in fast, learnt that rejection was just some 9-letter word and familiarized themselves with women to the point of powerful familiarity. So when they reach adulthood and wish to add another beautiful dime to their stable of baby mommas and or mistresses, they step correct and break the ice as if it was light fog. The standard guy who didn’t have that uncle or daddy to prep him for dealing with women will go all the way through high school shaken by the prospect of  beautiful girl telling him he isn’t good enough to date her.

What separates us from them (men vs wolves)

Battle stripes, if you did not go through high school, college or your older teens scamming on women and chasing booty then chances are your skin is still tender. Men who lived the Club life, the frat life, or the party life will have had enough bitches (as in not too nice women) completely shit on their souls to make them develop an iron clad resolve when dealing with the fairer sex. Some of these battle hardened men will learn to hate women a bit and so beauty means nothing, for them its a roll of the die, either she is down or she isn’t, either way she will have to let it be known. Others will just develop a hardened resolve for hearing the words “no”, “I have a boyfriend” or “sorry not interested”. This is why when I hear about guys being afraid to step, I say things like “oh he must not have built up his battle stripes yet”.

So to get better at approaching beauty, you have to do the hardest thing you can possibly think of – which is to simply approach the beauty. Most beautiful women are shy because they are used to guys avoiding them in lieu of staring. Stepping to them shows that you are a man, you are a confident man and you are willing to meet the person beyond admiring the packaging. If she still shoots you down, take the blow, dress your wounds and get right back in there and try another sexy beauty. Trust me, the reward is well worth the battle scars, when you wake up one morning and that shapely soft booty is sticking up in the air, and there nestled up next to you is a tender, beautiful creature. Man you will grin from ear to ear, you will be so proud of yourself and your ego and self -image will be on Mars somewhere. Just be careful that you don’t do your gaming on a full moon, rumor has it that scamming on a beauty and sleeping with her during Hunter’s Moon will have you growing fangs and yellow tinted eyes.

The nicest guys have turned into the deadliest, woman preying werewolves around just because its so new to them. Hunt with caution and over everything else, be yourself and let the woman decide whether you are worth it or not. If she says no, deal and peel – move on to the next without much hesitation. Trust me the pond is wide and deep, there are plenty of beautiful fishes within the sea.

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