Apr 11

If there’s one thing I can say about hip-hop it’s that fashion is so fluid that in the span of five years one person dressing a certain way versus another would almost contrast in style. This is why in this top 10 list we chose rappers that have transcended the fads and always look like a million bucks whenever you see them. While most tend to look like idiots when they try to dress up like the Italian gangsters from movies that they love so much, some guys have a fashion sense and look the part whenever you see them.

This list was compiled based on the degree of clean and also the amount of times these men have had a bad day. You will find that the top three or so always look good whenever you see them while the ones towards the end are a bit hit or miss. Of course the list hurts people that experiment with fashion but this isn’t meant to take away from what they do, it is merely what impresses us and who personifies style.

One love to Thomas B. whose eye for men’s fashion helped me to choose the top 3.

#10 - Young Dro

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Dro has me thinking that it is an ATL thing to look as clean as humanly possible when out in public. Being the lieutenant to the dressing monster that is T.I. probably has a bit to do with it but as hood as Dro is he looks good whenever you see him.

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