Jul 01

Hate it or love it your IT personnel is a necessary evil, think about it – do you want to be the one tackling viruses, installing operating systems and explaining spy-ware to the “ignorant, won’t learn anything else before he dies” doctor on the 5th floor? No you don’t, you want those odd guys with the horrendous laughs and highwater pants to do it… you know the ones who stare at your female co-worker without realizing they’re staring. Well if you want to get to know them better you should know the top 10 things that they love, here is a list of the IT guy’s weaknesses (done in jest of course being an IT person myself):

10. Highwater Pants

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So if you want to engage your IT Professional with some conversation then bring up how hot you think Kelly Hu is or T’Pol from that awful show Enterprise… stress that you loved the idea of Enterprise but the execution and reception ultimately doomed it. While talking to him break out your iPad and use it to pull up a pic of Enterprise’s Jolene Blalock topless, and then ask him if he’ll be trying out The Old Republic when it launches. I guarantee you a friend for life in that IT guy and a PC that will run as smooth as the buttocks on 7 of 9.

IT Top 10 Cheat Sheet

10. – Highwater Pants
09. – Arguing Smart Phone Brands or Tablets
08. – Arguing which is the best MMO
07. – Discussing their most ignorant boss or clients
06. – Free Food or Buffets
05. – Mac vs PC Arguments
04. – Science Fiction or Fantasy
03. – Asian Women
02. – Creating their own OS or Hardware
01. – The one semi-cute girl in the office

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