May 12

Assemble: Yes, she can follow directions and do it herself, but offering to put together the new desk she bought is so very attractive.

Bedroom: Lets face it – good sex will get you much farther than bad.

Confidence: A confident (not cocky) man is a plus.

Date: A great evening of conversation and good company is key.. even after she’s yours.

Excitement: Women love a man who can keep the relationship fresh.

Friendship: Be a true friend to her and benefits will follow.

Gentleman: Always be a gentleman when it comes to her.

Honor: Defend hers when necessary.

Intimacy: Cuddling with or without the thought of sex is key.

Jealousy: Not a good look.

Kiss: Kiss her passionately without the intention of going any further **this is VERY important!

Lady: Treat her like one, never like a piece of meat.

Manners: Mind your manners when dealing with her and others..

Notice: As hard as it is, try to pay attention when things change about her (i.e. her hair, new clothes, etc).

Offensive jokes: save your fart stories for your boys.

Prompt: Never keep your lady waiting past the time that was agreed upon to meet see her. Call if you must make her wait.

QT: Just because you are in the room with her doesn’t mean you are spending time with her.

Role Playing: If she’s into it, indulge her at least once.

Share: Show her a piece of you that you don’t show to just anyone.

Thoughtful: If she likes those pretzel M&M’s, buy them for her next time you are inside the gas station.

Understand: You may not agree, but try to understand where she is coming from.

Variety: Surprise her by leaving your regular dating routine behind and do something new!

Word: Keep yours. Broken promises suck.

XXX: Don’t hide it from her. If she doesn’t like it, she’s not for you.

You: Give her all of it.

Zones: Learn her erogenous zones and USE them!

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