May 23

“There is much more… than dressing funny and sweet talking prostitutes”

There has been homages made and props given to Pimps in the Hip Hop industry since time immortal and people listen to it, get interested, accept it as truth and forego the research into their reality. When I see people of my culture refer to themselves as Pimps or Pimpin it makes me shake my head at the ignorance – but how can I blame them when the game is still so much of a secret? Pimps are gamers and the high profile ones have written books, done documentaries and sold us a tale that is only about 10% factual of their lives. We look and laugh at their gaudy dress,  but there is much more to a pimp than dressing funny and sweet talking prostitutes.

Breaking in New Girls

If you haven’t a clue that pimps kidnap,  gang rape and force under-aged girls into slavery then you are as ignorant of them as the rest of the world. What we are told is that “hoes be choosing” or basically that a prostitute chooses her man and not the other way around, which is bullshit. The hoes that “choose” are the ones that are broken in already, they are within the life and may have lost their original pimp to prison, death or a nasty fight. So for protection (so to speak) she gravitates to another pimp to join his stable. And yes the term for a pimp’s stash of women is a stable, his girls (or horses) run the track and they bring him back his money. Most pimps will beat a tute’s ass if she comes up short for the day, cries for her parents, or talks back. The beating isn’t the comical slaps that we see on movies, the beatings are a malicious death stomp because underneath it all a pimp is a sociopath.

Hollywood and Pimps

Part of the problem with our ignorance towards “The Game” is in Hollywood’s depiction of Pimps. Hollywood shows us nice Pimps.  These movie Pimps make for dark heroes, they do it as a means to an end, they have a prostitute with a heart of gold, but it’s all rubbish. Do you want to know what some really accurate movies are? Well lets separate the real from the bullshit.

Movies That Idolize The Mythical Pimp

  • Hustle and FlowA rapping, nice guy of a Pimp.
  • The MackShows the Pimp using a planetarium to brainwash the hoes.
  • Willie DynamiteA professional enterprising Pimp.

Movies That Accurately Depict Pimps

  • Slumdog MillionaireExploitation of children – boys and girls – sold to adults.
  • TakenShows how even rich girls can get kidnapped and turned out!
  • Taxi Driver Harvey Keitel plays a more realistic, evil pimp

Look men it is time that we wake up and take this word Pimp seriously. Words mean alot and many of these bastards feel vindicated from their sins by the way we idolize them, let’s take the pimpin out of our language for good. This isn’t Hollywood, rape is real and people’s daughters are being snatched every day.

I recommend anyone who hasn’t watched Very Young Girls to stream it on Netflix or rent it from your local video store. Ultimately it’s about awareness and the more parents understand the better they can protect their daughters and sons from predators.

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  • Selene R

    I thought this was every man’s dream…a harem of hoes to serve his all important dick. Have I been misinformed?