Feb 11


There will always be attraction in an office where men and women work in close vicinity. I would venture to say that when fallout happens at home for an attractive married person, the chance of the person they cheat with being an office-mate is pretty high. Office romances are a byproduct of working closely with someone for a period of time, the freedom of imagination, and that strange magic that makes someone grow more and more attractive to us as we get to know them better.

For people who click with an office mate and would like to pursue a romantic relationship, there must be a level of maturity on both sides that is beyond what is expected of a stranger out on the streets. Dating a co-worker puts your job at risk from the outset and you must know the temperament and volatility of the other party before going into it. When you break the wall of professionalism to mix romance and sex into a working relationship, you are immediately in a realm of “conflict of interest” with your job.

The reason for this is simple. When things are great, the connection is locked in and the sex is outstanding, you will be a happy co-worker on cloud 9, sneaking little moments away with this person when you can. But when it goes sour (and it will at times) you will risk that person taking it out on you at your place of employ. A vindictive and emotional person will slam doors on you, if he/she is your boss you may even be fired or reprimanded for things that would have seemed trivial in the past. Not to mention your co-workers will notice the ire and it will lead to gossip and disciplinary actions.

Only Mature Romantics Need Apply

With two people that are mature enough to keep the romance “out of the office” so-to-speak and promise to keep it professional when at work, it could make for a torrid relationship that is oh so sexy. When we think of Don Draper of AMC’s Mad Men, one of his best romantic hook-ups was with his secretary turned wife Megan. Mad Men showed how Don’s other flings would get upset, lash out at work, break down crying and becoming a liability whereas Megan was different. Megan knew exactly who she was, what they were doing, and most importantly how to keep it professional. Now life isn’t Hollywood, and everybody isn’t a Megan Draper, but oh don’t we wish they were when it comes to an office romance!

So, if you’re at the point of no return and you and the co-worker are into one another your first agreement needs to be that love life and work life are not to mix. There needs to be an open conversation on how you will react during the bad times, and if there can be no peace after you break, then one of you must agree to leave the job. Being upfront initially is important, and the more you know the other person, the better you can gauge whether or not your tryst will be a safe one, or a gamble against your employment.

Just Do It… Cautiously

With that being said, go for it, but know who it is that you’re partnering up with. Don Draper had the luxury of being an owner in his company during a time when his lady was practically powerless in putting his job at risk. Men and women don’t have this luxury now, so it is important to know where your partner stands and whether or not a break-up will include your job and livelihood.

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