Jun 24

Before I get into it let me dispel your thoughts of nasty chain-smoking Dr. Girlfriend sounding women right now. When I say raspy, I mean feminine voice but with the sound of something slightly hoarse. So let’s call it “slightly raspy” as opposed to stereotypically “chain-smoker raspy”, Jennifer Tilly not Marge Simpson or her sisters. Got it!? Oh and raspy does not mean manly, I’ve seen this mistake made several times on web spaces, a woman’s voice can still be nasally sweet and have that grating sound on it to be considered raspy. Check yourself on your definition folks – now allow me to explain my attraction.

I used to watch Law and Order religiously back in the day because I had a crush on the Assistant DA played by Angie Harmon. She was sexy, but a slight little thing, dark hair, dark eyes, whatever it wasn’t about any of that, it was that voice of hers. That raspy, couldn’t get loud if she wanted to kind of voice that made me want to do naughty things to her. Rachel Ray, as much as I love looking at that thick Sicilian body bouncing around the kitchen, I am normally watching her with my back turned as I do my work – because her voice is enough for me. Ya, ya hate on women, I’ve read Food Network blogs so I know your feelings on her cutesy words like EVOO… let’s face it you all hate every woman on TFN anyway if her name isn’t Paula Dean. Okay back on topic… Rachel Ray… ya!

Still not with me? Then to hell with you then, more raspy voiced hawtes for me. Let’s run out a list of some of the hottest celebs with raspy voices: Jaime Pressly (mmmm), Demi Moore, Jessica Biel, Angie Harmon, Kat Von D, Alejandra Guzman, Sophia Bush, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Tilly, Macy Gray (some of ya’ll are feeling it), and Fran Drescher.

See you can’t call Jaime Pressly manly now can you – you bitter haters, how about Jessica “Chun Li” Biel? Yaaaa, thats what I thought. There are many misconceptions with raspy voices, one of them being that the owners of them are sluts… the logic in this escapes me, maybe someone can explain it to me. The other as I explained was that they are chain-smokers ready to die of lung cancer, its a stupid generalization. These women are sexy when they talk, that’s all I know.

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  • Paul

    Women with a Raspy voice are indeed devastatingly sexy, you are 100% correct.

    That being said, I think at least a part of the Rasy voice sexyiness may be the fact that somehow its tied to the concept that certian women can make smoking look good. Like really good drop dead sexy good.

    If Miss Raspy voice has to maintain her sexy voice by a steady regimen of chainsmoking, then so be it.

  • Jesse

    Omg.. I love girls with raspy voices! Super hot! Sophia Bush, Naya Rivera (OMG!), Dianna Agron, P!nk, Scarlette Johansson, Eliza Dushku, Angelina Jolie, it’s the only reason I ever had a crush on any of them (except Naya if you don’t know who this lovely lady is look her up you’ll understand lol).