Oct 06

There’s something about a set of smooth, shapely legs in high heels that drives me crazy. Especially when a woman is an expert at walking in them… Salma Hayek comes to mind because whenever I see her on interviews, the beauty is dressed… with heels. I love everything about a heel, the weapon-like heel itself which can be used to spike the loser who didn’t tip (saw this at a strip club), the forceful flexing of the calf muscle that they bring about and even the slight damage to the flesh where the indentation from the back of them was made. Heels are sexy, I’m the “leave em on” type, so I am being 100 in this. God bless the woman/man who invented the 6-inch stiletto.

Clear heels… bring em on, but the appearance is everything – cheap fogged up shoes aren’t cute but you know what is? A nicely pedicured set of feet within the more expensive pair of glass slippers. I remember once  when I went to our favorite “gentleman’s club”, this cute Korean thing (I asked) sat in the chair next to me and placed her legs upon my lap, eyeing me coyly. Her feet were nicely shaped, resting perfectly inside their clear hospice and on her ankle was… sigh… a dragon tattoo. She got a couple dances off of me… I mean think about it, heels + my totem on her foot. Sold!

It’s funny that after showing a buddy of mine this article he begun calling me on having a foot fetish. See beyond all of that many men like heels (gasp!) we just don’t talk about it, at all. So if you love your heels, and you feel loathe to wear them after the harsh task of trying them on as a young woman and learning the methodology behind walking in them, I am here to tell you that it is working. We may take em for granted, we may not notice that you have a new set of wheels on, and we may compliment you on everything but your shoes but those heels are working their magic… at least for me.

My fellow admirers of the lower ensemble in a woman’s decor, you’re not alone. We are forever silenced by the ridicule of men who are less comfortable in their tastes, but this should not mean that we are few. Here’s to heels and the women that exploit them (raises Dragon flagon), I have my eyes on you.

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  • I salute you on your “Things I Find Sexy – Bare Legs in Heels” article. I live in Arizona and haven’t seen a woman in a pair of pantyhose since the 1980’s. Now this is probably due to our warm weather and the high percentage of vain, yet attractive ladies with fit tan legs. Whatever the reason; I am a junky for beautiful bare legs and high heels.

    I work as a modeling photographer by day and professional musician by night. My beautiful wife is a fitness bikini competitor and part-time model. She also acts as my merchandise girl at music venues. She has a stunning pair of legs and a closet full of sexy high heels. When helping me push CD’s and t-shirts at shows; her attire will consist of a girly tank-top with my logo printed on the front. And a short skirt or sexy shorts accessorized with a pair of 6-7 inch stilettoes. I don’t think I am going out on a limb by saying this, but the fit and silky bare gams flexing with each step they take are probably selling more merchandise than my performance is selling.

    Nevertheless, I would think that any red-blooded male who has ever smelt the fragrance, tasted or even touched the silky surface of “bare” would join us in saying “leave the synthetic covers in your dresser tonight sweetie.”

    Lastly, from one “leave em on” type to another…Awesome article.
    Thank you!

    • Hey thanks for the kudos George, I checked out your music and I truly dig your sound. You may think that it’s mostly your wife’s legs that are making those sales but I would go out on a limb and say that the music has a little bit to do with it too.

      Man you bring up the pantyhose days and I really hope they stay back in the 80’s – Love em bare or in certain styles of pattern stockings… but that is another article for another day. If you need any extra promotion for your “Bruised” album please drop us a line. Thanks for your comment.