Apr 18

african american dancer

I’ve heard it said before and I do agree that dancing is sexual. Dancing can bring about the thought of bodies gyrating, twisting, coming together and apart very much like that other thing does and I think this is why women dancing is a sexual aphrodisiac for men watching… Now you understand why Elvis was such a big deal when he did it in front of all those daughters of old Southerners back in the day.

Not all dance moves are sexy don’t get me wrong, some are either too flamboyant, too restrictive, or too crazy for us to get that out of it. For those having trouble understanding where I’m coming from with this, let us take a look at Janelle Monae since she stays about as clothed as you can get out of a modern musical celeb and still is considered a very sexy woman.

Janelle’s sexiness comes about when you see her in concert or in her videos where she is electric fire in human form.

Another one would be the immortal Shakira who I am hesitant to use as an example because she isn’t shy on showing flesh… but Shakira could be in military fatigues from head to toe and when she starts to move her hips every man in attendance would have to pick his jaw up off the ground.

Don’t believe me? Just see for yourself…

Editor’s Note: Getting hot in here or is it just me?

Dancing is a very, very sexual thing and it is a wonder that we use Night Clubs where music and dance is in abundance to pick up women.

Women love dancing and men love women who dance so it works together in such harmony for both genders that it just has to be natural. Personally I have a special place in my heart for Spanish Flamenco because the combination of the guitar, the stomping, clicking and women in flashy colors does something to me that cannot be placed into words. If you’ve never seen live Flamenco do yourself a favor and fix that.

African drums, Caribbean rhythms (and women) combined with string instruments is a powerful draw for any man. I remember when Sean Paul made the video for his hit song “I’m Still in Love With You” and it was like watching a bad car accident; I just could not look away from the girl who was popping her hips in the video.

Editor’s Note: Jesus Christ… the perfect cocoa legs on those women…

Have you experienced the lore of the dance? Is it not something other-worldly? Like music, art and expression it is one of those things we do as human beings that transcends country, culture and civilization. We are meant to dance and dancing is something that I find absolutely sexy!

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