Oct 11

natural hair

While I love all sorts of hair on women (bobs, lengthy, short, curly straight… whatever) I have a special place in my heart for a nice fro, or some variation of. Chalk it up to me watching way too much Black Dynamite on Sundays or my weird obsession with blaxpoitation films, but the image of Salli Richardson in that pink pantsuit just makes me go crazy and believe it or not it all starts with the hair.

black dynamiteBlack women have a thing about natural hair which is a bit too serious for me to even comment on with terms like “the big chop” and whole blogs dedicated to ex perm fanatics deciding to cut all of their hair off – but what it leads to is a bevy of styles that sometimes results in a nice compliment to a beautiful smile, a pretty face, and a banging wardrobe.

Let me tell you something, come at me with that hair and a juicy pair of kissers and this author is 100% going to holler at you – no question about it. But let me give credit where credit is due – it was women like Nina Simone, Pam Grier, Grace Jones, and Tamara Dobson who made me such a fanboi and I do recognize that I’m part of the 10% of black males who gets a little excited when we see a sexy natural.

But for many of you who doubt what a nice fro, set of braids, or curly expression can do for the full ensemble… I’ll let the following gallery do the talking. While I might not make you a fan (talking to you guys who make women with naturals feel like sh-t), I will make you recognize that it can be sexy. Are there any other dudes out there feeling me?

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  • McThick

    I forget how tight Pam was back in the day…

    Most of the ladies pictured have it going on but, to be honest though, the full-on teased out fro is too much for me.