Jan 27

Yes, the beauty that is the sundress… comfortable for women but sexy as hell for men. It is the dress that keeps on giving – if you take notice that is. Many “ass men” feel me on the power of a sundress just because a thick girl wearing one will magnetize more eyes than a $100 bill sitting on the ground. It just hugs a woman in the right way – do you know what I’m saying? Sundresses are awesome, visually they reveal sexy shoulders (that’s another article), shapely legs, relaxed hair… and that little bit of fantasy dealing with naïve country girls looking to experiment. Woof!

I’ll tell you why we men love sundresses so much; they symbolize that feminine balance that drives us crazy! The cut of the sundress is short enough to keep us guessing, yet long enough to remain innocent. The skirt portion of it billows out a bit where a good draft of wind may just have you going all Marilyn Monroe and giving our eyes a treat. How can we not love that?

Sundresses have thin material that hugs your frame in the right places, plus you can go commando in them and drive your man crazy…

Being that I am a man who prefers cold weather, I will say that one of the only bonuses to a hot summer is when the sundresses come out to play. It makes for a year round bout of bird-watching when the sexy is there rocking velour in winter and sundresses in summer.

Let me break it down as to why sundresses are great:

  • If you’re cute, regardless of how little or much you have, they manage to still look good.
  • Dat ass…
  • They leave a lot to the imagination.
  • Easy access – They come off easily… -___- just lift em and you’re good to go!

Ya, you may want to hear that it makes you look feminine (which it does 150% and more) BUT for us men, it’s sex, it’s all sex and that dress is built for it. You may ask why and I’ll say that it boils down to their extreme flexibility in usage. When you and your lady want to get freaky outdoors, it’s a no-brainer for her to wear a sundress and nothing else. When we walk behind you and that sundress, the eyes are resting on your lower back… WE’RE MEN! Just look back at us and give a little smile and we may have to excuse ourselves and run off into the woods. No joke.

So be a dear and keep the sundresses primed for summer… especially the yellow or white kind with the flowers. That’s what I find sexy… so send me pics… just kidding. Or am I?

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  • You know what goes great with Sundresses? Wood Wedges. Combo is just sexy.

    Also what’s with the Toronto Raptor at the end of your post?

  • That is so true. That ‘little black dress’ that every woman has as part of her wardrobe/arsenal? It’s a sundress.