Nov 24

Men LOVE women in sweat pants, it’s a universal feeling. While we may disagree on the time and place that we love seeing women in sweats, the fact of the matter is we equally love it when you dress like you’re about to kill the track.

For me, personally however… it’s all about the velour.

There’s something about that slightly furry, slightly slick material that just accents a woman’s body like nobody’s business. Sure you can see every single curve, flaw and detail in a latex cat-suit but eventually you will be touching the latex and it has nothing on the feeling of some velour. And look, I know that they have been around forever and this post is about on par with a woman talking about how much she digs on a dude in a Coogi sweatsuit but I’m talking material, and curves, velour + curves = hot as hell.

Showing the midriff is important in this ideal look that I’m talking about (as illustrated in the image accompanying the article). A woman with a banging body and velour sweats will pull a man’s attention like nobody’s business. It’s the ultimate accent to your dressing down… round-the-way earrings, Juicy Couture velour jacket open to show the wife-beater underneath, hip hugging velour pants and some slippers with the pedicure on point… SOLD!

I once had a girlfriend who would wear a variety of velour sweats whenever she came over on Fridays. She knew what was up.

Look ladies I know many of you like to “cuddle” and beyond sex a man isn’t really feeling that because it’s hot, the arm tends to fall asleep when you’re locked into us and we are stuck in one place for extended amounts of time but this right here is the answer.

If you want to make it more appealing for us to get our teddy bear on, just wear the velour.

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