Nov 30

sara jean underwood

There’s just something about yoga pants that makes a woman so gosh darn irresistible.  Is it the way they converge upon her, hugging her ever so soft yet supple skin, accentuating the vast curvature of dat ass?  Indeed.

Don’t get me started on those compromising yoga and pilates poses.  I promise I’m not staring at you while you perform your ustrasana.  I just never knew Hollister made yoga pants in pinkish cream.

Not surprisingly, underlying this raw physical attraction is something that’s a little more primal in nature. Women often wear yoga pants during their strenuous physical workouts.  When we sweat we release pheromones into the air, which in turn causes a chemical reaction within the person smelling it – we’ll call them the “smellee”.  This reaction triggers within the smellee a response, in this case, sexual arousal.

So the next time you see a goddess wearing yoga pants think about why you’re so turned on.  It’s quite possibly an amalgamation of physical attraction, her mastery of the yoga arts, and her personal dosage of aromatherapy.

Editor’s Note: If you can’t take your eye off that delicious slice of lemon pie smiling in the above picture, how about a few more shots of her in this Star Wars themed car wash that she was a part of eh? Her name is Sara Jean Underwood and if you want high-res wallpaper-worthy images of her, check out the full gallery at God bless America…


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  • Lonnie F

    I’m sure there’s a difference between yoga pants and tights, but it’s all the same to me. I remember chicks wearing tights (outside the gym or jog) were rare because of how much unwanted attention they got, but now it seems mainstream. I’m lovin that. The tradeoff is that chicks throw on uggs and hoodies with them. Yuck.

    There was a new story in Bumblefuck somewhere where a school was going to ban them for being a distraction.

    • When I think of tights my mind always go towards spandex where the cup of the butt cheek is hidden with the fabric – like it stretches across the mountains instead of sticking to the skin. Yoga pants leave nothing to the imagination, it’s similar to body paint but a bit more sexy.

      I’m not surprised about schools, have you ever seen a woman walk by in those things? It’s an instant eye magnet – they should be outlawed. Lol.

  • mcthick