Jul 21

“You are a necessary evil”

There is nothing more pathetic than a non-enterprising workaholic. Business owners love these individuals and everybody thinks they’re crazy… except them. Many times people grind out the unpaid hours and negate their personal life in order to file those last forms and run themselves into the ground, breaking only when the boss tells them to do so. While people who do this will benefit if their company has shown evidence of rewarding the hard-working. The fact of the matter is most companies will burn them out and toss them away as soon as realize that they can pay two newbies half what you’re making and still profit.

Show Me The Money

If you are clueless to the procedure of Employer/Employee relationships, the basic structure is this:

  1. Create the illusion of ascension for the worker bee
  2. Pay worker bee just enough to get him comfortable
  3. Offer raises as an incentive and minimally implement in order to prevent worker bee from leaving.

This is the basic mindset when it comes to an employee. Normally people fall right into this groove very easily, they start off strong and hardworking then dwindle into complacency and unhappiness due to conditions, payrate etc. Near the anniversary of hire when it becomes time for their evaluation, they regain composure, become hard-working and become elated at the 3-5% additional given to them by the company.

The funny thing is, with most people if the raise was 15 – 20% the pattern would still occur. You are never happy with your pay for long because subconsciously something tells you that you are being ripped off by your boss. This is the standard, and as the majority of people do less work and get by due to being frustrated over this, the hard-working grinder will push harder to do more, hoping to be rewarded for his efforts.

Know Thy Enemy Boss

Your boss is not your enemy, he is not your friend, he is your boss. Even if the guy in charge of the company that you work for is a family member the fact of the matter is when it comes to profits/losses you are still a number, a necessary evil in the budget. When you screw up, he has to still consider your worth and guess what, come raise time you will still carry on in the same way you would at any other job. Everybody wants more money for time spent, okay not everybody but check to check guy does, oh you better damn well believe it.

How To Become The Ultimate Employee

Remember the movie Office Space and how things started looking up for Peter when he decided to do nothing instead of working? There is a degree of truth to this, but not in that extreme, it is the phenomenon of being hard-working while being mentally detached – I will cover this portion in detail in part 2.

To be truly successful at what you do, you will have to step into the shoes of your direct manager, his boss and ultimately the CEO of the company. Does your late hours of work cause so much change in the company’s profits that even the CEO notices? Is your manager the type to vouch for you to get a raise or promotion, or will he get himself promoted and give you a 3% raise?

If you aren’t considering all of these variables before sacrificing your life for the company then you are being a crumb and you probably ought to cut it out. Work hard, but play harder, this mentality will make things less stressful and more doable for the average individual. Of course playing hard does not equate to burning money on bullcrap liabilities but that’s another article. Remember, if it don’t make dollars, it don’t make cents sense, don’t let your company use you up only to fire you, use them up and enjoy your life.

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