Apr 08

woman slapping man

You would think that men would be smart enough to fight back against women demanding unrealistic and uncharacteristic things in a relationship, but the vicious cycle of strong women making punk-ass beta men play the part of loving husband while lusting for strong alpha men will continue. Do you know why? Because horny men with no self-esteem will allow it to happen, that is why.

Yesterday I was listening to one of my favorite radio shows and the deejay was taking calls from people who wanted to vent. One of the callers was from a woman who started off by bragging that she has a Sugar Daddy. “Great!” I thought, “this should be good”. The woman goes on to talk about how her living situation as well as her child’s depended on this Sugar Daddy and how he put her up in her apartment and constantly showered her with gifts.

So what was this woman ranting about? She thought that he would be leaving his wife for her; not because this man had told her that he would, but because she was falling for him and wanted him all to herself. If I was the deejay I would have cussed her out and hung up the phone but the host did me one better – she called the woman out on her bullshit. Simply put the deejay said to her caller “you aren’t falling for him, you’ve fallen for his money”. The woman, without hesitating agreed, laughed, and then started in again on the money this man was giving her and the gifts he always had for her.

Now if you’re reading this you are probably saying to yourself “well that woman is a shallow idiot who is going to have a rude awakening” but is she so much different from many of the women we date and run into with selfish desires projected upon us as “the right thing to do”? This woman on paper is a long-term prostitute and would do herself a lot more good to know her role, stay out of her Sugar Daddy’s other life, and enjoy the gifts. What she wants however is to upgrade her tiny bites at his neck for blood (that he so happily offers up to her) to sucking him dry by taking on his name, assets and title.

Women have flipped the game on it’s side

In the dating world men and traditionalist women are now at a huge disadvantage with gender roles being destroyed by women who hate men (let’s be real here). When a traditional woman who is used to seeing her father give her mother the world asks for the same, a modern guy will have every right to tell her where to shove the request. Getting into a relationship with a man who already has a family is signing an unwritten contract that names you as a madam, a mistress, a goomah, or any number of names for that position. To him you signed on as a piece of ass for pay, not future wife to-be.

It’s the same attitude women have taken with the concept of marriage. I have seen so many naive women issue demands on their future marriage as if their future husband has no say in it. Women who say that they will keep their surnames and their babies will have only their name since they had to carry it… who marries a selfish, unwavering woman like this? The sort of guy who will be home playing super-beta while that woman plays with her co-worker at lunch, that’s who. Why is it okay for these lists, these assumptions, these demands be placed on men as if we will just roll over and let it happen.

shopping women

Now I am not naive enough to believe that there aren’t men out there who are weak enough to fit neatly into a woman’s world… hell I know a few. But what does it say about a woman who feels it adequate to have a beta yes-man as a walking cardboard cutout to take photos with and show up at events? Why are we barely considered in these decisions that young, unrealistic women present as their want for marriage and more?

This aspect of “what have you done for me lately” is the reason why marriage seems more of a bonus to women than anything else for modern men and not this fantasy of yester-year that people will have you believe. Men marry into relationships that turn into power struggles where women have the over because the financial damage has a strong chance of landing squarely on him. We are sold on marriage being a bonus to money (if you’re lucky enough to have a working wife), a bonus to sex (if you are lucky enough to have a sexually active wife), and a bonus to companionship (if you have a wife you can actually tolerate), but the stats, the feminist agenda, and the negatives behind the ring just makes it seem foolish to many men.

Men have acted the fool for so long in relationships

It is for this reason that a young woman can get a Sugar Daddy and wonder at him staying with his wife because the sex is so hot. It is why that caller was dumb enough to believe that her station would receive an upgrade. Men have acted the fool for so long in relationships that it is expected that we will kowtow to the arrogance of a partner with a premade plan for us to live by.

If you are a young man dating and looking towards a future with a real partner in life, you owe it to yourself to stand up for real equality in your relationship. Married men need to stop giving up their good, fair wives for pieces of ass and being docile to the demands of a list that forces conformity. Stop allowing these illusions of the sperm-donor who hangs back in the shadows until summoned from being our reality. It doesn’t have to be, and I can guarantee you that there are a good number of women who will thank you for having the spine to tell them no, and demanding compromise.

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