May 04

Woman shouting in a mans ear

Go to any discussion where the audience is mixed (men and women) and you will find a ton of women speaking up and the guys standing with their arms crossed looking on intently. There’s a reason for this – women, who have battle stripes from warring each other, tend to argue better than we do. Many women employ a “gang beatdown” style of arguing which can leave the offender bruised and ruined so smart men stay clear, choosing to let It die down rather than suffering the claws.

When I get into battle, whether it be in a blog commentary, group discussion, or a debate, I make sure that I am heard, I am respected and most importantly, I get my point across. I do this by arguing intelligently, using the truth as my sword (this weapon is the Excalibur of weapons), and a stern voice. It makes me seem mean and domineering to those who I’m barking at, but the most important part of it is that I stay in the fight.


Community blog spaces normally come with a resident troll living in a plush suite, and 3 followers of hers readily available to hop in for the beat down. This makes for a whole lot of “hell yeahs” to blatant untruths and disrespect hurled at the idiot male that dared comment, and then the birds swoop in for the kill. While arguing on the internet is extremely stupid, it tends to be a one-sided melee of untruths at time that ends up giving the wrong message to those reading.

Woman yelling at her manMen, intelligent, knowledgeable men, I implore you to speak up when you see our name being decimated in untruths. Women do an excellent job of this but we are for lack of a better word pathetic! The only spaces I see men speak up are on blogs discussing racism, sports, or video games. On the internet as a whole we are the super-silent majority, and in life during discussions where we are the minority present, we are even quieter.

Riddle me this, you are at a party with your wife and her girlfriends and one starts in on how men are dogs and predisposed to banging any hole we run into. You chalk her up to being a bitter, salty, chicken right? Keeping it gangster right? No need to bark on a sour, damaged up, lonely broad right? But then it gets real when not one but 3 more chime in and start to roast all men in a general sense. Your wife plays it cool because she has to live with you, but now you are starting to feel a bit offended as they go on and on… Before you know it you’re involved… they are asking you questions about men as a whole. YOU ARE NOW OUR AVATAR. Do you speak up, or do you shy away from the challenge.

9 times out of 10 the guy will go elsewhere to find something else to do. While in our minds this makes us the bigger, “strong but silent”, warrior type, I would like for men to at least bark once before leaving. Not to diss the women, which makes you look just as bad “that’s why ya’ll hoes so lonely now” is not what I mean men (though it is funny as hell to say). I am saying, drop something intelligent and leave the building. I guarantee you they chase you down to try and get the last word in. Bully up!

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