Oct 14


You feel tears streaming down your eyes but he just doesn’t stop.Your cries and screams instead urge him to hit you harder, with more brute force than ever before. Doesn’t this creature realize what a sin it is to hurt a woman?

First, he makes you cry and then he hits you. Your body hurts from the beating and your face stings from the slaps but you’re made to think that it’s your fault; that if you hadn’t said or done something he wouldn’t have hit you. Don’t be afraid to leave this monster. There are friends and family that can and will help you, you just need to place a little trust in them.

I am a passing ship in the night, but even I will carry your message through. I understand how hard it is when all you want is a man to truly love you… deeply. I know how it feels to sit and cry alone because he’ll never understand how you feel.

You don’t have any need to cling onto a monster that mistreats women.

* * * *

He walks through the front door and sees you in the kitchen preparing tonight’s dinner. He stands there smiling whilst you’re absent minded. He has a bouquet of roses in his right hand and silent tears well up in his eyes thinking of how much he cares for you. You finally turn around, smile at him and go over to hug him. He returns it with a tight hug and passionate kiss then presents you with the flowers.

He goes on about his work and frankly you want to be heard too. Eventually wires cross and you end up in an argument. He, however is still man enough to listen to your argument and whilst he may not agree with you, he does understand and listens to your point.

This is the type of man you should not only want but want to need. Need isn’t a bad thing, we need things in our lives to live and Love is an important element. I know what it feels like to be lost in a man’s love. It’s a beautiful feeling.

Love shouldn’t hurt, love isn’t that insecure monster, Love is the kind-hearted man who loves you.

A man who loves you will never hurt you.

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