Apr 25

Hottie in a suitcase

Two things become immediately evident when traveling – The first is that people of color need to travel more, and the second is that prejudiced people need to travel more. These two observations are a known fact but if you have any doubt just take a vacation elsewhere and look around – it slaps you in the face with reality.

Traveling is an absolute necessity for people because when we “stay home” we come up with some really prejudiced notions that can only be fixed through exposure to outsiders. It’s embarrassing to see someone look at a Rastafarian and assume him dirty because of his hair, it’s pretty damn ignorant. We all make mistakes like this (even though some people have enough couth to not joke loudly about it) but with more exposure to other cultures the less of a chance you have of being that guy.

Another thing about people who don’t travel is the fear of trying anything unfamiliar. People are like this anyway, unless the food is a burger wrapped with foil and branded with a huge, golden M they are afraid of it. When you travel and are not able to get the foods that you have grown up on, you’re forced to get alternatives and new delicacies. As a foodie, I cannot imagine how a person can experience someone’s culture without partaking of their indigenous food. If you don’t eat pork, have a certain allergic concern or anything else firm I fully understand, but most of the people not trying things are simply too scared to eat or drink it for taste.

A good example of this was a couple I observed on a cruise recently. This pair decided to pay for and attend a wine pairing and tasting, yet would not drink any of the wines that were offered unless they were sweet (they only drank the Moscato). You can imagine how much learning they received from this wine tasting… That’s right absolutely nothing. Look, to each his own but this sort of thing is what you should keep in mind when you plan to travel and broaden your horizons… TRY SOMETHING!

Look, while money is more than a valid excuse for people not trying to get better with their cultural aptitude, we all know that many people in fact do have it but choose not to. Bully up denizens and hop on a plane or boat to somewhere else (especially if you are a person of color – I am begging you here). You will find that it is both a great joy and a privilege to see another shore and people’s customs different from your own.

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