Oct 26

korean bbq

Music and food are two of the most important elements to truly experiencing another culture when you travel. This is why it always surprises me when someone goes to another country or region and skips out on the food for fear of any number of things. You cannot truly experience if you don’t taste what the locals taste and this is why the most studied and the most adventurous have the best times.

When you go to a new place it is very important to study up on the customs, methodology and the history of the place you are going to. While there, engage in conversation with your travel guide, taste foods from the street vendors who are most popular–the vendors with a line around the corner–and make sure you try some of the local fruit while you’re there.

Many of us see the globe trotting foodies on the Travel Channel partaking of homemade meals made by families who play host to them but unlike them we aren’t afforded such luxury so restaurants and food vendors is it. Take full advantage of this and eat!

Limited Palate and Health Issues

Some of us have limited palates and can be squeamish about trying new things for fear of wanting to spit it out or throw it up. Articles like this may only repulse rather than encourage you to eat exotic foods if you have a limited palate. There are also people who may have health issues that make adventurous eating a life or death gamble of Russian Roulette.

If you are of this subset then the music is what will have to be used to bring about a closer relationship to the people of the place that you are visiting.

I write all of this to encourage you denizens to wade into the water and actually experience things when you travel. You have not truly been somewhere if all you do is eat familiar food on your cruise ship and sail past the shores of whatever foreign country. Get out there and experience life, this is a huge water world with many pockets of civilization that are foreign to you. Taste the world and hear her sounds!

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  • Na Taya

    This woman at my job only wanted hamburgers and french fries or chicken when she is on vacation. It’s like the dumbest thing to hear. She didnt try pineapple until well in her 30s lmao!!!!!