Feb 03

Editor’s Note: One of my favorite blogs to read outside of The Hall (yes the Dragon does fly off to different lands periodically is Revolutionary Paidera. The author and denizen of The Hall: Antonio Maurice Daniels, always writes gems that inspire deep thought and necessary reflection into our build-up. Recently he delivered an entry called “Drop out of popularity contests” which should be read by anyone who finds him/herself struggling to be relevant, cool, or impressive to outsiders. It’s all about DOING YOU and man if it doesn’t echo everything I believe in the way we should live our lives. Here’s a snippet and link to the rest…

Too many people are far too focused on how they can get everyone to like them.  You must understand that everyone will not like you.  Some people will not like you without any rationale—don’t try to force them to like you because you won’t win them over.  It’s better to have one or two good or great friends than to hang around a thousand people who you’ve fooled yourself that they’re your friends just so you can tout you have such a large number of friends.  It certainly does not seem like you’re attempting to truly please yourself when you do this type of thing.

Participating in popularity contests will leave you exhausted, empty, disappointed, and unhappy.

Live in your own spotlight!

[ Click here to read the rest on “Drop Out of Popularity Contests” ]

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