Jan 25

Recently myself, the girlfriend and her 14 yr old daughter went to go see Red Tails – a movie about the Tuskegee airmen who overcame racist war restrictions to show that black men could fight Nazis just like their white brethren. During the movie the hot shot Ace pilot and resident “bad boy” Joe ‘Lightning’ Little hooked up with an Italian bird named Sophia and the fireworks went off.

The two knew maybe 5 words of each other’s language, but through gestures and genuine attraction it managed to work – hell it worked out pretty damn well. Now beyond the fact that Lightning was charming, a prototype of what women love (smooth, mysterious and dangerous if crossed) and Sophia was quiet, lady-like and beautiful; there was something else that led to the unison of these two very different worlds. Lightning needed something to live for and Sophia needed an element of mysterious romance. When you combine these things in matters of the heart – well language just gets in the way.

The confused 14 yr old turned to us and asked how is it that the 2 could be in love when they couldn’t understand one another? Her mother and I explained that the love quotient doesn’t need language to happen. The two had met, he looked into her eyes, her smile held him and he was hers forever. Sometimes that’s all it takes… remember the prototype? That’s how it can hit a man and while Sophia was a traditional woman who had to be courted slowly, as a man I could feel Lightning’s love and excitement for her. It was a beautiful thing.

What can we learn from this?

When someone loves you, you don’t have to “trick” or “game” them into liking and accepting you. When you are in a real relationship you should be able to sit quietly and just be close to one another and it is enough. Sadly we men find ourselves with women who we feel a constant need to entertain in order to keep our worth and chances of longevity (with that woman) in place.

Do you ever see couples who are quiet people yet their body language and subtleties reveal the amount of need they have for one another?

If you have a significant other then I have to ask you this… if he/she knew no English and you knew nothing of her language, would it still work between the two of you? Is it your game that keeps her around, the stuff she says and jokes about, or does it really go deeper than that?

Explaining true love to a youngling is a bit more challenging than I would have thought, yet Red Tails with its simplified version was able to do it in a few scenes.

Game, clever advice and tricks can be used on many women to give a guy an “in” into their hearts, but if you want something more, a something that goes beyond money, good looks and age, you need to establish a true love connection. Many people argue that couples get this with time but I wholly disagree being that it confuses people being dependent and used to someone being there all the time as opposed to not wanting to live without that person being there all the time. True love is the latter, wouldn’t you agree?

While we strategize game and getting to the heart of women constantly on this site, I wrote this as a reminder to my gents that true love is something different. True love bypasses language, and it will make a hot-shot Negro pilot change his whoring ways to suit his small-town, Italian queen. If you haven’t taken yourself to the theater to support the George Lucas funded history-pic Red Tails, I would encourage you to do so. It has many little relationship gems within it that are beyond dogfights, racism and evil Nazi stereotypes, so check it out.

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    I love this.