Nov 20

I’m no parent so I won’t pass judgment on their PC Policing Ads left and right on blog commentaries and with letters to the companies. Recently Beyonce Knowles (resident hawte, wife to Jay-Z and top 100 lady) added the title “too hot for tv” to her resume as parents got her ad banned from UK television before 7:00 pm. You’re probably like huh!? So just check the video out after the jump and if you aren’t packing penitentiary steel in your pants after the 1:00 mark then you are not a man! (Just kidding).

I love the commercial, well then again I love sexy women so it was obviously made for me… which… brings… to… question… erm Bey, who are you marketing the lava water to? Is it meant for guys like me to buy for our girlfriends? Because if we are the market consider it SOLD! But if you are trying to market to women, especially black women, you would have done better to have Denzel Washington, Idris Elba or whoever the new negro crush of the month is being magnetized to some chick wearing the perfume… I digress. Even if it doesn’t sell I can still lust after Sean Carter’s hot wife and her sweaty… perfume:

What do you think? Sexiness unabated? Innocent? Or should Beyonce go sit down somewhere? The PC Police are on fire lately, hell even brands that have always used sexual innuendo in their ads are under attack lately.

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