Jan 28

Charley Hustle aka Greg The DragonYou know, it is very common for men of my generation to view their fathers as strangers. I mean being a bastard is a common thing for us 70’s babies, isn’t that crazy? Growing up with an attractive single mother has landed me in many fights with disrespectful peers, and has shown me the difference between a man and a bitch-made dude. Momma had a few of the latter and my brother and I watched and learned throughout the years how to look into a man’s soul and see his worth. I don’t take sides in the custodial battle of Venus vs Mars but coming from where I did, I can’t sympathize with you if your lady is hitting you up for half your check every month due to you not wanting to deal with a kid. And I know there’s the other side where the chick just doesn’t let you see your kid but wants the money… it sucks, it sucks bad but the person who feels it hardest is that kid. It’s not cliche baby, it’s 100% true.

Am I mad at my pops? Nah, I just don’t think about it, ever lol, I’m not even joking about that. My 30th birthday started with my mom asking if I wanted to find him, I was like “no mom”. Unless dude is coming with a bucket of green for your boy, I don’t need to know him, momma raised a champion and that was due to her. She is wisdom and the almighty earth, between her and the steel structure that was my grandmother, I don’t feel anythings missing. And I will put cold cash on it that you won’t find a man that’s more of a man than me. I am solidly one of the boys, my heart pumps 100% proof Tanqueray, piss and vinegar. So what does that tell you? Yes momma was enough, so all you single moms out there grinding, hearing that bs from your girlfriends that you need a dude. Here’s the result of one such situation and it’s a success story baby, keep your heads up.

I was inspired to write this because of a Man, the first real Man I met in my life and a Man whose influence was so major that I see him in myself  this third season of my life. The man was Charles Hayes and I grew up calling him uncle. Uncle Charles was an entrepreneur chef who ran an enormously successful restaurant, the hustle was major and uncle Charles was a Don in more ways than one. He was the older god in my life that put me on on how to rock this. He was the Man who drove my mother to the hospital in the wee hours of the morning to deliver me (Dad was gone) and he took me as a son when mom traveled to pursue her education. He taught me to make my own and keep my eyes off of a grown man’s wallet. I used to be that kid following him around, trying to cook like him, run business like him, be a boss like him, everything.  I don’t remember him being anything but a god in my eyes and the man loved me like I was his own flesh and blood.

Uncle Charles passed quite awhile back and I know he is in the lush pastures of the afterlife relaxing with my Grandmother from a life of hustling 24/7/365. I write this to honor them and the name Charlie Hustle is for him. I know he rests in peace so the cliche is unwarranted, I know he sees himself in me in every way, heh I even pimp my derby hats the way uncle Charles did. How beautiful is that?

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