Oct 01

Editor’s Note: Patrick Smith over at The Good Men Project wrote an excellent blog entitled “Excuse Me, That’s Ms. Andry” so of course I had to share. The piece takes a light-hearted look at the Battle of The Sexes and why men should chill out a bit.

…Let’s face it: nobody roots for the overdog. Men are Duke. Women are Virginia Commonwealth. We’re the Yankees. They’re the Twins. We’re the BCS schools, and women are Boise State. Our fans are assholes who think their team is entitled to rout the competition every year. Their fans are patient and smart. They’re students of the game.

There’s been gender inequality for, what, 20,000 years? White men have gotten pretty much all the breaks. If you’re a white guy reading this, congratulations. You started this drive on the 20 yard-line after life kicked you a touchback. Women and minorities took over on downs somewhere back inside the ten.

I didn’t grow up rich. But I grew up white and male. I got away with stuff I shouldn’t have and certainly wouldn’t have, had I been not-white and/or not-male. Ours is a life of do-overs. And I’m damn glad to have had them…

[Click here to read the rest on “Excuse Me, That’s Ms. Andry”]

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