Jul 21


It seems that at times when talking to women about what we men consider sexy, I get the feedback that we like one particular type of woman. Knowing men whose tastes are extremely varied, I find it odd that women think that there is really one make and model that can attract all men.

Unintentionally Sexy Women

You can never box men in on our tastes in women. There are a host of women that are viewed as sevens on the ten point scale that attract men who consider them to be dime pieces (tens). Women will see these supposedly average-looking women being doted on by men and wonder what the hell it is they see in her. A man will even keep a woman as his secret crush, because if she’s an unconventional beauty, he cannot imagine that his friends will cosign on her. Sometimes a woman isn’t even trying to be sexy but there’s something in her aura that gets to us. What’s even more amazing is when you mention it to another man and you find out that it’s not just you that thinks this way.

When I think of women in the past that was unintentionally sexy, I figured out that is was the minute details that put them over. A short hair-do on a woman that was ignored when her hair was out is a good example of this. It’s a mysterious attraction based on exotic flair, and i’m not talking about having yellow eyes and green hair or something wild like that. A woman can look like an average forty-something but with that little bit of extra-something, she will be getting looks by men from all walks of life. Sometimes its just about working in an office while being confident and approachable all in the same breath. It’s not really a measurable metric–what makes us want you, but my point is that what I like isn’t necessarily what that guy over there likes.

Yes, Men will F— Anything

Much of the stereotyping of men “getting with anything” stems from a deep belief held by a lot of women that as long as it’s warm, wet, and tight-fitting, we are all game. Though this is true for a number of men, sex and relationships are not the same thing. A man who is not picky about his sexual partners can be very particular about the types of women that he dates. Many times when discussing the differences in the sexes, women group sex and relationships in the same bag but to a man they are two different things. Just because you see a man having a sexual relationship with the American standard for beauty, does not mean that you should be shocked when he shows up at his wedding with a Tilda Swinton! Sex is sex, but there is no singular icon of beauty that encompasses all men’s tastes.

So, don’t sell yourself short if you don’t look like the stereotypical blonde bombshell. Male attraction starts with lust but gets complicated by the trivial little things that makes a woman attractive. It is the reason why you see that tall, handsome, money-making beast happily parading around with the plain Jane country girl as if she was the most beautiful woman in the world. It’s that unintentional sexiness that makes her special in his eyes. It’s one of the many mysteries in the laws of attraction. Sure there are women out there that will turn the heads of the majority of men, but not all men are pursuing her type. So do you, and stay sexy.

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