Jan 30

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When you have over 1,000,000 articles about various things both popular and “trending” it becomes easy to go down the path of “let’s just write about what all of the other sites are writing about” but isn’t that the problem with most blogs? How many spaces do we need talking about why Beyonce isn’t feminist or why Jay-Z is the sole black member in the devil worshipping Illuminati (or some such nonsense)? Aren’t there topics that demand some attention from writers brave enough to tackle them? Let me think of some…

  1. How the church and religious dogma has always held back medical advancements.
  2. A man’s take on why beautiful women are ostracized in society (We covered it)
  3. Girlfriends and boyfriends that are only dating you in order to piss off mommy and daddy.
  4. Why won’t some people and businesses admit that race baiting keeps their brand/blog relevant?
  5. Why do Americans pretend to be shocked by porn when a large percent watch and enjoy it?
  6. An open letter to my parents asking why they thought that raising me in a town where no-one else looked like us was a good idea.
  7. Proof that your love for a celebrity is similar to worship.

Many writers won’t write topics like these due to the potential character assassination that can occur from reader backlash. Just yesterday Gawker waged war against xoJane for an offensive article that detailed a white woman’s issue with seeing a black woman in her Yoga class. The author whose photo and real name was necroed for the mob to identify her is probably still receiving death threats right now.

We are in a strange time where things can boil over at the tip of a hat so many are forced to play it safe. People want freedom of speech/expression but when it swings hard their way they beg for censorship… irony much? What’s funny about these online faux pas is that they are blogger gold. Every time a naïve (or racist) celebrity, writer, or 15th wave feminist slips up and says something stupid a million blogs have “open letters” and “responses” ready to provide content for the angry mob. This is where you see me doing a jerking motion with my hand because it’s all bull.

We need people to tackle the tough topics and not just here, but on many of the more popular places on the web. The fear of the PC police, black Twitter, and online lynch mobs will make this a near impossible request but I would argue that there are ways to write about controversial things without having to hide from the internet like an Adria Richards (Google the name for the epic tale).

I am bored of the information overload on the same topics across several sites daily and I am sure that you are too. We need brave, tactful writers to step up and ask the unpopular questions, issue the unpopular opinions and do it in such an intelligent way that the only recourse would be a retort via similarly intelligent article. 

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