Dec 13


I have a secret… in my private life I am a wrist watch hawking, window shopping, dandy with an eye for colorful shirts, sports coats, and great shoes. Why is this a secret? Well it’s a bit of a private love of mine, and like many men who like fashion, I wish that all my brothers would drop the homophobia and look towards dressing better.

In honor of men’s fashion—until I can find a writer to own this topic—from now on I will be sharing some of the gems that I find around the web that can help the monochrome dressing male step their gear up into “Modern Gentleman” status. There are many guys out there with blogs and pictorials to help us branch out but many are unknown to the average reader.

Martell Campbell is a man that likes to dress and his article on “how to dress like a modern gent” on led me to his website If you are curious about mixing colors, patterns, and accessories to look good while keeping your masculine edge, I would encourage you to check out his website and some of his tips for upping your game.

Check out his gear and tell me what you think? Is it too hardcore, or would you adopt some of his swagger into your wardrobe?

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Images in the above gallery were taken from Martell’s website: You can check out his various blogs on style there or follow him on Twitter or Instagram.

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  • Vharcaen

    Right on. I share your sentiment about the homophobes. The other day my girlfriend told some random dude that she wanted to marry me. He asked her why, he looks gay. Her reply was priceless though… I bought him that shirt… I like to dance, I like clothing with that extra something. Allot of guys can’t handle that though. They prefer nursing their beers clad in bad-fitting jeans and way too large T-shirts, as if that makes you a man.

  • Vharcaen

    Oh and another thing. Message to all you men out there who aren’t averse to wearing a stylish shirt. Learn 2 iron.