Aug 26


Penis size seems to be one of the many confidence inhibitors for young men – we have written about the reasons many times here. I say “young” men because I’ve noticed that as I get older, I notice less men discussing this issue, and more men being comfortable with themselves to let it all hang out no matter who is looking on. Hell, I know guys who would happily stand back 10 feet from the urinal just to see the urine arc if the rest of us weren’t ready to kill them if they ever tried it. Most men don’t care about another man’s “junk” unless that man is lacking confidence and curious to see if you’re bigger than them. Sigh.

How much impact does size have on a woman?

Recently I overheard these teenagers talking about sex education in school and how their teacher told them that a woman can accommodate up to 13 inches (WOW). The vagina is taught to be an elastic wonder of great feats not limited to childbirth, pleasure, and many other things. Being that as it may, a man will often assume that in order to pleasure a woman, he will have to fill her up in both length and girth, and if she isn’t climbing the walls in ecstasy, chances are that she’s going to lunch and having a giggle with her girlfriends about your tiny Peter.

When the question of pleasure for women and a man’s penis size is brought up, you will hear many people echo the same rhetoric that it isn’t necessary for a man to pack like a porn star. It’s not the size of the boat right? It’s all about the motion of the ocean. But what if we find out that this logic that we all parrot isn’t always true? What if it was invented by Masters and Johnson in their book Human Sexual Response and was merely speculative? How many men would this news crush?

Well the short answer to this is easy and most of you reading already know it. The penis size having anything to do with a woman’s pleasure is very dynamic based on the woman. This means that you may meet one woman who needs you to “hit the bottom” in order for her to go crazy, and you may meet another that merely needs you to “pet the little man that’s inside the boat”. Doesn’t it just suck when you can’t get a nice general answer about an entire gender!? Damn, now we have to leave sexual pleasure up to the flipping of a coin just like anything else in human relations.


Let’s Talk Science

In a study involving 323 sexually active women – I’m assuming white women based on where the study was conducted (Scotland) – a survey was taken as to what sized penis was more pleasurable for the ladies. 50% of the women that answered said that sex sucked either way (my words not theirs) being that they had never achieved an orgasm sexually. These women were excluded.

34% of the women had enough experience to answer the penis size comparison question and the results were very similar to Masters and Johnson’s speculation. 60% of the women who qualified said that a larger penis did not aid in getting them to orgasm any faster and roughly 7% of these women said that a large penis actually made them less likely.

The women who preferred the porn star standard were also the most likely to have vaginal orgasms as opposed to orgasms from clitoral stimulation. I would say that makes a lot of sense.

The one negative to this survey for many asking is that girth was not taken into consideration, and  other factors like men who engaged in heavy foreplay versus those who rush to “get it in”. Still, in terms of length it does show that it all boils down to who is sleeping with who and not a “one size fits all” answer. As a man, if this doesn’t make you feel better I don’t know what will.

In summary it’s like this, if your woman thinks you’re too small then she needs a horse – go find a girl who gets there from foreplay. Just my humble opinion, but what do you think? Seems legit, or no?

Source: Dr. Justin Lehmiller and Journal of Sexual Medicine.

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  • Antonio M. Daniels

    Interesting article. Enjoyed it. It seems like the answer will always be found on a case-by-case basis.

    • It’s interesting that we still stress over this when the answer has always been “it depends on the person”. One size surely doesn’t fit all – no pun intended – and where one woman wants you to smash the walls to smithereens the other just wants you to paint it a nice, friendly shade of blue. Hopefully this helps someone that is convinced that it’s all about packing heat. Survey says we are all somewhat different… sounds good to me.

      • Antonio M. Daniels

        Very true.

  • Nice article. You hit it on the head, no pun intended, especially regards to the no one answer for the opposite sex when it comes to orgasms, sadly many men do not understand that there are multiple ways to please a women and not just beating it till the cops come knockin (which is not a bad idea).

  • Molly Elizabeth

    Cool article. I’m a woman, and I prefer medium sized – mostly cause it hurts like hell if he’s really big, and if he’s really small there’s not much to look at. But really it’s all about the guy attached to the penis – I’m willing to overlook size (too big or small) if I like the guy; if the guy turns me on, I’ll get off somehow! If more men knew that they didn’t have to ACT like a big dick just cause they don’t have one (or do have one, Idk) the world would be a much better place!