Mar 26

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If you aren’t watching History TV’s Vikings then first of all I am mad at you, second of all I am about to fix your life. Here, click this link (right here), watch the awesomeness, then come back and finish reading this article. Vikings is where it’s at.

Now when I call Vikings “the most manliest show on TV” (right now), what I mean is that it takes us to a place of raw, unbridled, machismo. seriously, I had a buddy who sat through an episode with me and he swore off skinny jeans forever after seeing Rollo (character on the show) solo an entire army with a club… Dead serious. It is the kind of show that will make your feminist Twitter activist wife cringe since the characters aren’t written to fit neatly into a 2014 ideal. The setting is dirty, grimy, and absolutely alien, with the only similarity to our world being that of the character interactions and the situational clashes.

History go-hards will probably be annoyed too, this being historical fiction and all (we know that you guys ignore the word fiction and go into fits of rages over the details but you go ahead and do you). But if you can put all of your personal bias aside and watch it for entertainment you just might get hooked on one of television’s most entertaining shows.

Editor’s Note: Here’s a lady explaining why you shouldn’t take History’s Vikings as fact (I love the way she pronounces Charlemagne with such hate).

Vikings tells the tale of Ragnar Lothbrok (Check him out on Wikipedia), and his thirsty ambition that led him from the life of a simple farmer to a conqueror with many conquering sons. Ragnar represents what most guys want to be if they could get away with it – well Alpha males to be exact. There are hints on the show to the Norse gods being real, prophecies coming true, and many cool tidbits for casual fans of European history. For lovers of drama there’s tons of it and for guys who just want to see a bloody fight there’s plenty of that too. It’s a show for the entire family! Well… sort of.

Will My Woman Watch This Show?

I would wager that the female viewers love History’s Vikings as much (or even more) as the male viewers. There is so much for your lady that I just don’t know where to start. Let’s see… they have:

  • Ragnar Lothbrok. If your woman likes sarcastic, smile trolling, leading men who are kind of pretty, well that’s this guy.
  • There’s a motley crew of massive red-neck types who are deemed handsome (think Daryl from The Walking Dead with a little soap).
  • Vikings has ladies of various degrees in beauty, strength and character star in the show.
  • The cinematography and numerous shots of emerald mountains clouded with fog.
  • Floki. Men tend to love Floki too for whatever reason. What’s not to love about a tall, lanky, dual axe wielding, ship-builder who loves his gods and stays loyal to his wife? The man is like a murderous saint!
  • Lagertha… she bad!
  • Did I mention Lagertha?

lagertha, shield maiden, vikings

Who is this Lagertha that I keep mentioning? Well she is the archetype of the kind of woman that most women wish they could be. Lagertha is the wife of the show’s lead Viking Ragnar Lothbrok, she’s a godly fighter (shield maiden status), she cooks, takes care of her children, screws her husband’s brains out, and doesn’t take shit from anyone. Not to mention, she’s also drop-dead gorgeous in every single way and practically flawless…

I know, that last sentence should make women hate her, but that’s the brilliance in Lagertha in that while she’s the kind of woman that other (jealous) women tend to hate, I have yet to find anyone to say anything bad about her. I don’t know how she does it!

So check it out and let me know what you think. We here at the Hall are beyond hooked especially in this epic second season and I am such a fanboi, I just gave you 650 words of sell for it! Are you watching Vikings?

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